School lunches: Local 5-year-old cries when she has to eat school lunch

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WASHINGTON D.C. -- On Tuesday, First Lady Michelle Obama is expected to fire back against school meal critics who say the program to make school lunches healthier has gone too far.

Michelle Obama will host Republicans at the White House to highlight the success of the lunch guidelines.

However, the School Nutrition Association has been one of the most outspoken against federal guidelines to make school lunches healthier. It is already asking Congress and the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture to reconsider the whole-grain requirements, keeping the requirement at 50 percent rather than 100 percent. It doesn't want sodium requirements reduced any further or to force children to take a fruit or a vegetable.

The School Nutrition Association says more children aren't eating at school because they don't like the new foods being served.

Michelle Obama, through a spokesperson, says the new standards are working.

A Republican-backed bill making its way through the House would allow schools to opt out of the new standards if they do not meet lunch sale goals for six months.

FOX 4's Katie Ferrell reported Tuesday morning on the reaction from Kansas City-area parents to the more nutritious school lunches.

Among the comments:

"The food provided as school lunch is not even edible. My 5-year old isn't picky and she cries if we accidentally forget to pack her lunch," said Jaye Anne Isom-Moloski on our facebook page.

"Yes it motivates us to send actual healthy food from home so our child doesn't have to eat school lunches," said Jennifer Smith-Mcwhirt.



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  • Scott

    I eat with my kids at school 7-8 times a year and they have nachos, pizza, cheeseburgers, mozzarella Sticks, chicken strips, etc with fresh veggies and fruit, apple juice and chocolate milk and it’s pretty good. I also notice most of the kids enjoy the lunches and will finish their trays.

    The majority of parents and kids like the lunch. There are just a few parents that apparently feed their kids junk 24/7 and now their kid doesn’t even know what cauliflower looks like unless it’s deep fried. (and by the way you usually get a little ranch dressing to dip your fresh veggies in, so even the fresh veggies are a little unhealthy)

  • Thomas Oesterle Jr.

    My daughters attend Independence schools. I have heard stories of mice, roaches, mold on the fruit and other foods. Now I’m a chef, and don’t think mold is part of the Nutrition Program. I understand the roaches are high in protein, but not too appealing. My children come home from school and then raid the kitchen, starving. The government needs to slow down on controlling us, The People, on which this country was founded for.

    • Debra Heathman

      LONG before Michelle Obama came on the scene there have been problems getting kids to eat right. you can’t just give them what they want and it isn’t the government’s job to see that the kids eat right . IT IS THE DUTY OF THE PARENT . Why can’t they go back to basics … MILK to drink … Cafeteria has a weekly menu posted on the classroom wall … If you don’t like what is being served tomorrow , you bring your lunch … For crying out loud , this shouldn’t even be NEWS !!!

    • Jesus H. Christ (@JConabicycle)

      No one is “controlling” you. If you don’t want your kid to eat school lunch, get up off your behind and make the child a bag lunch–see? No “controlling.” YOU control what goes in your kid’s mouth. Of course, that will take some EFFORT on your part. You have a choice–school lunch or bag lunch. Make your choice and stop blaming the government.

      • CAnnS

        @JConabicycle, you are wrong. Yes, the government IS attempting to control us. If you make a lunch for your child, they inspect your lunch & don’t allow your child to eat it if it doesn’t meet “the government’s” requirements. Do your homework.

        But then, from the “name” you posted, you’re obviously a liberal who likes big government & has no respect for God or people of faith.

      • kim

        you are so wrong, for one if you send a lunch from home they inspect it to make sure it meets the guidelines and two, children who get free lunch should not be forced to go hungry because the mother cannot afford to pay 4.00 per day per child. that is 20 dollars a week per child. my taxes that help pay for the lunch program are not paying for kids to eat garbage and for the white house to feed her extended family caviar

  • FatalKiss

    a while back i went to eat lunch with my youngest daughter, and my husband had lunch with our oldest, neither one of us could eat our tacos right because the shells were DRY whole grain and couldnt be folded, the meat was dry and had NO flavor at all…we both felt bad that for the first 4 months of school thats what our kids were eating, dry UNEDIBLE food. No wonder they were coming home from school saying they were hungry and wanted a snack.

  • sandi

    The lunches need to be nutricious, but they also need to taste good too. Kids will no eat what does not taste good to them. It is a waste of food, if the kids will not eat it.

  • Debbies21

    Get government out of the lunch program. They got into the lunch program in mid 70s when “poor” kids were not eating breakfast. It started with breakfasts & lunches. Some schools want to add dinners & cover everyone so people dont feel bad abt getting a free meal. But gov regulations lack common sense. If it doesn’t look good, smell good or taste good it doesn’t matter how healthy the kids won’t eat it.

    When you make big changes all at once it’s almost always a disaster. Healthier options should have been done not wholesale changes.

    But follow the money who has the contracts & who provides the meals.

  • Shelley

    I guess if you don’t like what the school is feeding your children, pack their lunch like I do my 6yr old. There lunches are not bad but if I want him to eat healthy, then it’s my job to make sure of what he is eating…

  • Rob

    If the children are coming home hungry,why are parents not feeding their own kids lunch? Sounds like they can afford snacks. Why not lunch? As a single, full-time father, I make three kids lunch every day and know what they eat. I am not one to leave my children’s well-being up to any Government agency. My kids eat healthy meals and like them. Do not need Michelle’s help, thank you.

  • Savage Nation

    This is what happens when you go from a Lady like Jackie O. to Womynists like HIl’ to outright Activists like Michelle.

    Ask the Feast Lady if her Daughters eat the Government Lunches all the other lowly serf children eat.
    Better yet ask the Vice Hypocrite why she wants to force other people to eat one thing, while she and the Out House Chefs serve Multi Course Pig Fests for Friends (Bundlers/Donors) and so-called Dignitaries?

  • Not a Sous Chef

    Make a new rule: all teachers and school adminstrators, including the cafeteria staff, must eat what is served for lunch by the school, and they must eat said lunch in the presence of their students.

  • Walter Kaliningrad

    just another example of schools abusing their power by forcing students to eat their horribly disgusting garbage that they call a lunch that looks like it belongs in a garbage can or a dumpster which is exactly where I would put it because it belongs there if you don’t like the school lunches you get suspended which is a bullshit rule made up by these communist administrators and school boards they should concentrate on how to improve test scores and making school a better place instead of inventing more ways to abuse their power

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