Parents of man killed by police say son with severe PTSD was turned away from VA

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Family members of 26-year-old Isaac Sims, who was shot and killed by Kansas City police during a standoff at his home, said Sims suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and had tried unsuccessfully to get help at Kansas City VA Medical Center. Family members said Sims was an Iraq War veteran who served with the 82 Airborne.

Sergeant Sims served two tours in Iraq and comes from a long line of army vets. His father, Adrian Sims, a Vietnam vet, also suffered from PTSD. He says he knows the signs and Isaac definitely suffered from a bad case of it.

"Good kid, went to Lincoln Prep, just an outstanding, like I told him I'm so proud of you,” said Adrian Sims about his son.

But Adrian says his son was different when he came home from his second tour in Iraq one year ago, slipping in and out of severe PTSD.

"He wouldn't eat, he wouldn't sleep he would walk the streets out there patrolling the area, patrolling the area, you know," said Isaac’s mother, Patricia Sims, about her son’s behavior around their home after he came back from his second tour. “He was in Iraq, no doubt, no doubt.”

Patricia says they were at the VA Hospital asking for help both Wednesday and Thursday of last week, and were told a bed was not available.

On Sunday, May 25, officers were called to his home to investigate reports that he had shot at his father and a neighbor, who were not injured. Officers reported hearing several gunshots inside the home and a standoff began.

After about four hours, Sims left the home. Police say he pointed a rifle at officers, who fired. Sims was pronounced dead a short time later.

Now Adrian, who believes he son would still be alive had he been accepted into treatment in time, spends time walking around the crime scene, trying to make sense of losing his son in his own backyard after he was able to survive two tours in Iraq.

"What they did is they came up here was facing right here, talked Isaac out and shot his ass dead,” said Adrian.

The VA Medical Center responded to FOX 4’s interview request with this statement:

"We are aware of this tragic situation and our thoughts and prayers go out to the family at this very difficult time. We are unable to comment on an ongoing police investigation or on care provided to a particular Veteran. However, we want to encourage any Veteran (or their family member) who has questions or concerns about the attention or services they are receiving to contact the Kansas City VA Medical Center Director’s Office."

The officers involved have been placed on paid administrative leave.

Information from the Associated Press contributed to this report.

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