Homeowners unable to stain their own fence after neighbors move their fence too close

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GARDEN CITY, Mo. -- Judy Tabor and her husband thought they'd followed all the rules when they installed this fence in early May.

"This is the survey we had done,' said Ms. Tabor, handing over her documents, including a building permit issued by the city.

Despite the Tabors efforts to follow the rules, the Tabors found themselves at odds with their neighbor the day the fence went up.

"She told us to get off her property," Ms. Tabor recalled.

The Tabors' fence isn't on their neighbors property. It's set back four inches into the Tabors' property line.

The set back is important because the Tabors wanted to access the back of the fence to stain it and cut weeds. The four-inch set back allowed them the ability to do that. -- until their upset neighbor decided to expand her fence, effectively blocking the Tabors from accessing the back of their fence.

Thinking their neighbor's fence must be illegal because it goes right up against their property line, the Tabors asked the city for a copy of the fence ordinance. That's when things really got weird.


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    • Wayne

      My boots I’m currently wearing are about three inches at the widest part. I would go by the assumption that 4 inches on both sides of the property line if someone else put up a fence giving 8 inches which is still not enough. Either way Ben describes the neighbor right. I tend to have fun with neighbors that are mean. There is so much fun you can have getting a neighbor to shape up.

  • Garden City Citizen

    I have seen this man in action. Before people go name-calling the neighbor, it would be wise to find out what the character is of the original homeowner. He has been known to abuse others in town as well. Anyone that has parked near the ball field knows who he is and not because he is nice. I don’t know exactly why these two don’t get along, but calling the woman names when their might be a very good reason that she doesn’t want him on her property is not being very neighborly either:).

    • another area citizen

      I have heard him from the park yelling at people at least 2 different times. He also has a sign that says to stay off of his property. My father in law was confused on how to get in the park for my daughters tball game, and he tried to turn around in his driveway, and the guy came out of his house and started cussing at him. Kind of ironic.

  • Sharon

    You have to watch the video to get to the “weird” part. Apparently the city ordinance states that the fence must come in 12″ not 4″. Soooo… Both the taber’s and the neighbors fence is illegal.. However there is another ordinance that says it’s not. Both parties were told they could keep their fence where it was but The taber’s are moving their fence forward another 12″ at the cost of over $3000.00… Why does it cost that much to move it? That’s a serious question btw

  • Buzz

    The dog eared pickets should either be treated lumber or cedar either way its fine in the weather and since you wont see it anyway, the old bag saved you a 100 bucks. I’d send her a thank you letter and some flowers.

  • Smartiepants

    The city was wrong in allowing the property owners to build with a 4 in margin anyway. The ordinance states 12 or more inches from the property line. The law states that if the “nasty neighbor” maintains
    the land behind the fence, it then becomes her property. So by not letting them go on her property to cut weeds,stain,etc she is basically trying to acquire that land because she will claim she is doing the required maintenance.

  • Emily W.

    This use to be a nice little town but I’ll bet one or both of them have recently moved into that area because they both seem to have a big city stupid attitude. Not wanting to get along with their neighbor no matter what!!!!

  • Smartiepants

    Actually Emily…I grew up in GC and have known one of the family’s and all of their kids. They are a nice family and are not “big city” with a “stupid attitude”. You should really watch the judgement.