FOX4’s Thanks a Half Million Day special deals

John Holt proves to be an active voice for men, prostate cancer screenings

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Survivors of cancer, FOX 4's John Holt and Paul Boesel spoke Thursday on FOX 4's Morning show about the importance of men being proactive about cancer screenings.

Holt, a survivor of prostate cancer, has been an active voice on the subject. Boesel heard Holt's message and took action. At the age of 56 he was diagnosed with kidney cancer while doctors were performing prostate cancer surgery. Hear more about their amazing stories in the video above.

Holt is the recipient of the 2014 Richard A. Bloch Cancer Survivorship Award, which he will receive this weekend. Event details below.

Cancer Survivor Day Rally
Sunday, June 1 at Noon
Richard & Annette Bloch Cancer Survivor Park
47th & Roanoke W. of the Country Club Plaza

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1 Comment

  • Al Dailey

    I am 9 years into a fight with Prostate cancer. Not necessarily in order.
    Know your doctor better than you know your brother.
    Find out the status of every treatment in any phase test trials.
    Have an attitude about it never ever think, speak a negative thought.
    And to me the most important thing is a sense of humor and lots of laughter about all things and don’t be a WHY ME CRY BABY)!!!
    Make the doctor justify what he says and then go the the NET and get other opinions. One cry baby i emailed with was 71 years old and worried about his sex life. I told him, “If your 70 years old and worried about your sex life you have been doing wrong to about 50 years”!

    Bottom line you get Prostate Cancer today and with the progress that is being made you ain’t gonna die of it, IF THE DOCTOR TREATS YOU WITH THE BEST CURRENTLY AVAILABLE. See Dr. Tomas Beer of OSHU and the 4 levels of treatment paper he wrote.

    Al Dailey writes

    P.S. I wear a ball cap that says Cancer Fighter on it and I will fight the cancer S.O.B. till the river styx runs dry. Charon ain’t taking me across because of cancer