Tickets send message that the left lane is not for slow drivers

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SEATTLE — In Kansas, troopers can pull you over for lingering in the left lane.

Now, a county in Seattle, Wash., is trying to break the habit some drivers have of moving over to the left lane and staying there.

Laws in many states make it illegal to stay in the left lane.

It is only meant as a passing lane to move around slower traffic.

Officials say they are concerned about road rage incidents, which is the reason behind the traffic stops.

Watch the video as troopers explain the law to guilty drivers.

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    • Richard Klindt

      Sheila, if you’re not passing,and just camping out in the left lane you are breaking the law…it’s people like you that cause most of the road rage out there….

    • BobInKansas

      Sheila, apparently you miss the point like so many other do. It’s not about whether or not you are speeding. It’s NOT the “fast” lane, it’s the “passing” lane. If you are not actively passing, you are breaking the law. From the sound of it, you are a lousy driver, and very well could be the cause of a great deal of traffic and frustration along your route. I hope you learn to become a better, more aware, and more considerate driver.

  • MG

    So if the left lane is only a driving lane, why do highway planners have 90 degree left turns and left highway ramps? I drive a suburban busy road every day and I have to make a 90 degree left turn. Do you suggest I make that left turn from the right lane, then? Think about it. Maybe on an Interstate highway where no left exit lanes are present. But in the rest of the real world, left turns are an everyday occurrence.

    • Adam

      MG-try to be reasonable about this. On the highway, there are signs that point out left lane exits. Most left lane (as well as right lane) exits allow a slow down portion prior to taking the exit. That would be reasonable to expect a temporary “slow down.” The point of this story is not to just “drive” in the “passing” lane, especially when other lanes are OPEN.

  • iamnow46

    What gets me is when a pair of these idiots go side by side at 55, slowing down ALL lanes so NOBODY can pass. Times like that makes me wish I was driving my truck again. Nothing like sitting on their bumper to get them out of the way QUICK!

  • BobInKansas

    MG, they should have been more specific, but I think these types of laws generally only apply to interstates/highways & things like that. Also, at least in Kansas, you have to have been cruising int he passing lane for at least 10 miles or 10 minutes, so you would be fine.

  • Ron

    If you want to drive in the left lane then fine do it but get out of the way when someone is behind you most accidents are caused by people not going the speed limit i have had 17 accidents through the years and every one was either somebody going slow or talking or texting on the phone so in closing GET THE HELL OUT OF THE WAY and that goes for the cops i see hanging out in the left lane or try reading the sign that says slower traffic keep right

    • tysinn

      Ron I agree that slow drivers need to be considerate to faster drivers (not the recklessly fast ones), but i don’t understand how one person could get in 17 wrecks and place all the blame on other drivers. You must be the world’s unluckiest driver….

      I get really fired up when slow drivers are out during my commute to and from work. it also grinds my gears when they go 35 on the On-ramp, that will definitely cause a wreck