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KC man working to fulfill promise of making a safer neighborhood for injured grandson

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – A Kansas City man is keeping a promise he made to his grandson, to make their neighborhood a safer place. Ten-year-old Ka'Vyea Tyson's grandfather has a new plan to do just that.

As soon as Ka'Vyea was admitted to Children’s Mercy Hospital, his grandfather sat at his bedside and promised him all of his suffering would not be in vain.

“I've been up nights just thinking about the events that have happened to us for the last month or so,” Forest Tyson Jr. said.

He hasn’t been getting a lot of sleep. When he's not at his grandson's bedside, he's thinking of what he could do to fight for his community.

“We've got so conditioned that it doesn't bother us anymore. That was the beauty in this actual event that happened to us. We just decided that enough was enough,” he said.

Tyson created a website called Our Village Coalition. On it, alarming statistics of youth violence in Kansas City, Mo. and his plan to stop it.

“We're not asking the drug dealer or the guy that doesn't have job breaking into somebody’s house, ‘what we can do to stop you from doing this?’ We're not having the conversation with the people that are doing the dirt,” he said.

Tyson says he's getting a group together to go back to the streets of his community, the same street his grandson was shot and paralyzed, all to start that conversation. He says he plans to turn part of an office building he owns into a place of recreation for youth.

Our Village Coalition is still in the beginning stages. but his plan is to do everything in his power to make a change and to make his grandson proud.

“He knows that his papa is out there trying to make it a better place for him when he gets out of Children's Mercy,” Tyson said.

Ka'Vyea is now using a wheelchair, and his breathing is slowly but surely improving.

Website: Our Village Coalition

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