Wanted Missouri man killed in shootout

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
Police Shooting

Five-year-old i

QUICK CITY, Mo. (AP) — Johnson County Sheriff Chuck Heiss says a wanted felon who said he would not go back to prison died in a shootout with law enforcement officers.

Heiss says 54-year-old Ricky Lee Higgins died in the confrontation Wednesday in Quick City after he shot at officers.

The Warrensburg Daily Star-Journal reports Higgins was being sought on a parole violation. Officers went to a mobile home after the Missouri State Highway Patrol said Higgins was staying there.

Heiss says Higgins tried to escape by crawling out from under the mobile home. He says Higgins shot at officers at least twice before deputies fired 10 rounds, killing him.

Higgins was released from prison in December after serving 12 years for receiving stolen property and second-degree burglary.

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  • miller

    sometimes people need to mind there own nobody deserves to die that way how would you want people to talk if this was someone you knew there world would be better off without child molested murders and people who abduct little kids too but does that mean its ok to shoot them too huh makes you think nobody is perfect but a man that can love and care for a child that’s not there’s doesn’t deserve to haveshot at him 10 rounds shot at him what happened to shoot to injure not shoot to kill people take there titles to far in today’s world

    • Law Enforcement Instructor

      Yes, yes am fraid some people do need to die that way. Some people just need to be shot. It was his choice. If you shoot at the cops, the cops are going to shoot back at you. Perhaps they fired 10 rounds because in the heat of combat and the adrenaline rush of being shot at, they missed the first 9 times. Or perhaps it took more than one round to stop the threat. As for “shooting to injure”, there has NEVER been any such standard. Injured people can still injure or kill you. Law enforcement officers shoot to stop the threat…not “injure”. I’m pretty sure it is well within the objective reasonableness standard established by supreme court case Graham V. Connor in 1989 to shoot someone who is shooting at you! Those deputies have families as well. wives, children, parents and people who love them. As for “titles” I no longer have one…BUT…if you shoot at me, rest assured, I WILL shoot back. If it takes 10 shots I’m good with that.

      • terry

        what about the cops in Clinton several years ago , FOWLER and don’t remember the other ones name . that killed roger sainer in cold blood, and he didn’t have a gun or any weapon of any kind!

  • Ralph Duncan

    As a resident of Johnson County Missouri, I support Sheriff Heiss and all his deputies completely. I’m very happy none of them were injured!!! That been said, I believe anyone that assaults a law enforcement officer with deadly force, needs to be sent to God for judgement!!! I think most of the problems today wouldn’t be problems if people just had RESPECT!

    • terry

      there is a lot being kept quiet, there was one officer seen being loaded in an ambulance and serveral people that knows that he did get one of them! not sure on how injured he was but one got hit

  • Will Dean

    10 rounds is not excessive. You figure there was more than one officer there so 3 or 4 rounds an officer isn’t that many rounds. Also until you have been shot at and face the fear of dying, don’t comment on the choice an officer makes. We are trained to shoot until the threat of deadly force is over with. We are sworn to protect the citizens and ourselves against suspects that put us and the public at risk by firing at us. Glad the LEOs made it home and prayers go out to them as they will forever have to live with today and the nightmares.

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