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Family of late veteran urges others to get help however they can

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KANSAS CITY, Mo - Family of Isaac Sims says the Kansas City Veterans Affairs Medical Center turned him away, days later he was killed in a police stand off. Now, on the day of his funeral that same VA is in the middle of a scandal.

Officials with the Kansas City VA Medical Center admitted Thursday it had a secret waiting list.

"She was begging the negotiator please just let me talk to him. Two minutes later she's screaming, and the phone goes dead. And I knew what happened," Elizabeth Summons said.

After an all-day stand off with KCPD, Sims was shot and killed by officers in his home.

"I couldn't get anybody back on the phone," Summons said.

Summons flew in from Dallas to watch her nephew be laid to rest. She says he was suffering from PTSD and needed help.

"This all could've been avoided," she said.

His family said Sims went to the Kansas City VA Medical Center just days before his death and was turned away.

On the same day of his funeral, news breaks of a scandal with the KC VA Medical Center at the center of it.

"The VA frankly, the Veterans Administration should be the best at some things," U.S. Senator Roy Blunt (R-MO) said.

Senator Blunt said the K.C. VA Medical Center admitted to his office of having a secret list composed of 37 veterans.

In a statement, the K.C. VA medical center said:

"We are systematically reviewing capacity at the medical center and each of our community based clinics in an effort to maximize our ability to provide Veterans medical appointments when, and in the manner they want them."

Sims' aunt doesn't blame the VA, but hopes his death won't be in vain.

"To all of the Isaac's out there suffering, please get help. If the VA hospital can't help you, go to a private hospital, file the papers, make the VA help with it. You deserve the care, you earned it. Get it," Summons said.

Senators reached an agreement Thursday for a bill that would expand veterans' ability to get medical care outside of VA's. This bill would allow vets who experience long waits to use private doctors as providers for government programs.

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  • baileysbakeacake

    I just buried my sons ashes, on June 6th, 2014 He died on August 27th, 2013, The VA would not bury him they said he did not qualify to be buried in a National Cemetery. He was in the war in Iraq and was injured he had to have surgery on his sinuses because a bomb blew up a propane tank next to him and he was trapped there with a head injury and inhaling the fumes. He came back to the states just to run away we caught up with him a year later and convinced him to seek help. He found that help in a private sector doctor who said it was PTSD, He returned to the Army Base and he was under arrest till his tour ended, He also was not medically treated properly but yet the Army placed him on a suicide watch,. After his release from the Army he tried to get help from the VA for two years but he was having to jump through to many hoops and gave up fighting for his life.
    In the end My son finely received help but it was to late to many different medications contradicting each other to many doctors from one VA clinic to the next messing with his medications and always getting it wrong.
    My son killed himself but not before doing one last heroic action he became an Organ Donor He saved seven lives that day, The VA informed us they would not bury him, and we had to have him cremated in a state 1300 miles from home. His ashes sat for six month’s on a shelf in a crematorium in Detroit until a wonderful organization Hounds and Hero’s posted his story on Hero Network and readers or Angels sent in Money to pay for his Ashes to be sent home. I never gave up. I sent letter, Emails, You tube Video I made of my son’s struggle to survive and ultimately losing the battle.
    It did not fall on deaf ears. I thank the VA for overturning the decision and letting my son’s ashes be buried in the National cemetery, His daughter finely now can have her fathers benefits. I PRAY and hope who ever reads this will spread the word No more death’s from PTSD Lets together save our soldiers and there family’s from this ugly medical condition. Your son or daughter could be the next casualty of PTSD!
    Love MOM .