Lawrence shooting marked by gang activity coincides with rise in violent crime

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

LAWRENCE, Kan. -- In Lawrence police say a recent weekend shooting escalated out of gang activity within the city. Police say the confrontation started last Saturday night between two rival gang members outside a downtown bar.

They met again at an after-party at The Grove apartments and, according to police, a Lawrence gang member fired a gun several times. He wounded an 18-year-old gang member visiting from Topeka.

Police say gang-related crime is rare in Lawrence, but contributes to the rise in violent crime within the city.

"We do have times though where often-times there's a rival gang out of a different city, whether it be Kansas City or Topeka, that comes in and maybe mixes with the local groups and that causes an issue as it did this time," Sergeant Trent McKinley with the Lawrence Police Department said.

Police say the department is struggling to control the uptick in crime as it is strapped for money and resources. Lawrence PD is hoping budget talks later this year will help.

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  • Wayne

    I never could understand gangs, they act as though they have territory and land but they really have nothing. They act as though they are there for you but when the police come or the bullets start flying then it’s everyone for themselves. In the aftermath then they seek retribution for something that they generally caused and started and just continues in a vicious cycle. You think they would kill each other off but they keep finding more and more suckers to believe in them and join them.

    • Ben

      Wayne: You are so right. The gangs claim turf but have never purchased a piece of property in their lives. They have no turf and when I see gang bangers hanging around selling drugs, I call the police. They act like they are bros for life but life isn’t very long or very good for most and if the wrong moment occurs, they will snitch on their bros to save their own behind from years in prison. Their attitude must be, “better that you go to prison than me”.

  • Ben

    The police may be strapped for cash but if they don’t get a handle on the problem, innocent people are going to be strapped to a gurney. Who cares if they shoot each other, but too many innocent people get caught in the cross fire.