Graduation ceremony a special occasion for a ‘class of two’

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. - Molly Varney and Paige Hopkins anxiously await one of the biggest moments of their lives. It's the day they've been working toward since kindergarten- high school graduation. There were about 400 students who graduated from Truman High School with the Class of 2014.

Monday's ceremony was for a class of two. Paige Hopkins was driving with her friend, Molly Varney on May 25th. The two were on their way to their graduation when they got into a bad accident.

"I ended up getting t-boned and pulled into the next parking lot over," said Hopkins.

"Stomach just dropped, and they told me there was an accident," Paige's dad remembered.

The girls were injured. It was nothing serious, but it was enough to make it apparent they wouldn't make it to graduation.

"I just thought we were going to have to go the rest of our lives. Just, you know, we got our diplomas in the mail," said Hopkins.

But when Molly's mom called the school, she found out Principal Pamela Boatright was already planning a special ceremony for the girls.

"The fact that they thought about us and that they did this was amazing," said Hopkins.

Complete with pomp and circumstance, a motivational speech, and turning their tassels, the girls and their families got a graduation night to remember.

"It was, it was just really special," said Molly Varney.

Paige will go to Missouri State to study psychology and Molly plans to go to Longview College and transfer to a four-year university to study photography.

Their families say while the girls were always good friends, they're sure the two are bonded for life after Monday night's unique commencement.

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