Joe’s Weather Blog: Unusual June Storm Winds Down

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1-3″ of rainfall has fallen across the vast majority of the KC region…and it’s still coming down with an additional inch possible today in spots…really an incredible non-thunderstorm event June rain for this part of the country and I don’t remember any previous June storm that has done this for this long and this significantly in my almost 20 years here. All without one rumble of thunder.


Rest Of Today: Rain continues…although the rain may slowly taper during the afternoon as it starts breaking up and moving towards the east. we’re still clearly in it this AM. Highs today will probably stay in the 60s.

Tonight: Skies should start to clear. Lows drop into the 50s.

Wednesday: Nice day with highs in near 80°


I’m trying to think of a parallel to this storm in terms of it’s uniqueness and heaviness. Again this is all without one clap of thunder which would be fine during the dead of winter…or in the fall I guess…but to do it in June really is incredible in my opinion and dare I say to this magnitude may never have happened before in KC weather history. Sure there have been heavy rain events in June in the past (heavier than this) but those were typically convective driven to some extent.

The only storm that I can readily think of that had one of these types of rain play-outs is perhaps the remnants of the hurricane (Isaac) that hit the region with 2-8″ of rainfall in late August/early September of 2012. That was a drought busting rainstorm as well.



This was what it looked like back then…


and this is what our storm looked like late yesterday afternoon.


My feeling is that while the rain may taper off a bit this afternoon…there will still be showers out there till later today.

I’m not surprised that the storm has been able to create this much rainfall…I’m surprised that it’s essentially targeted our area…the model data initially told us this would happen, then the storm was forecasted to move farther south taking the heaviest axis farther south…in the end this didn’t really happen to the extent the models thought it would. As a result the heaviest rain axis set up from KC southwards yesterday and it flat out poured. My pour sump pump has been working overtime and will do so through tomorrow I think. Here are the doppler indicated rain totals for the storm

ScreenHunter_24 Jun. 10 15.07


and if you’re curious to see where the rain is falling right now…here is a look at the current radar.


Needless to say with all that rainfall comes some localized flooding. There are now 9 gauges (up from 6 this past weekend) at flood stage or above. Click on the graphic to make it larger and more readable.

ScreenHunter_23 Jun. 10 07.48

So while tomorrow is fine and we dry out…there is another potential rain event that we need to watch for Thursday and then again on Sunday. The Thursday scenario may be heavier to the west and southwest of the KC area…but let’s deal with that on Wednesday. The Sunday scenario may be more widespread for the region.

That’s it for today…a very impressive storm for sure for the region and a great way to build up the ponds and lakes for what lies ahead for the summer.





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  • Farmgirl

    This is the best “Free” blog in town. I love the graphics and in-depth explanation you provide.
    Looking forward question: Do you think the summer months will have waves of cool northern air drop down (like what happened in the winter with our Plolar Vortexes) and give us relief from heat and humidity? While it hasn’t been too bad here yet, the humidity has been really hard on our sheep and heat only compounds the misery.

  • Todd


    First, I love this weather Blog!

    I remember watching the radar on my lap top during the remnants of hurricane (Isaac) in late August/early September of 2012, we had a much needed 6″ of rain in Liberty from it. It looked like a hurricane spinning way inland…it was awe inspiring for sure. My yard is loving all this rain in Liberty.

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