Stolen Don Bosco van recovered, but damaged so badly it’s not drivable

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A second van stolen from the Don Bosco Senior Center has been found. This one was a wheelchair accessible passenger van stolen 10 days ago and found abandoned Tuesday morning, just blocks from where it was stolen.

The van was the second to be taken in a matter of two weeks and the center says security measures are now being put in place. The center said on June 1 thieves broke out a window in order to hot wire and steal the transport vehicle.

The center said the van was used to transport seniors to and from the center. Due to the thefts, the center was in the process of purchasing "The Club" for each of its vehicles. The night of June 1 all but two had the anti-theft device on the steering wheel.

Thieves took advantage of one of the vans that didn't. Tuesday, when the van was finally recovered, the extent of the damage was realized.

Pictures taken at the police impound lot show the van's seats have been stripped out as well as the copper wiring and parts of the wheel chair lift.

"It's not drivable. The thief took the seats. It was a 12 passenger van. Took the seats out. There were compartments of the wires that, for the electric door opener and also for the wheelchair lift. Completely ruined, stripped. The ignition was stripped, it was hot wired. The hood wont close. They backed into something," said the center's director,  Anne Miller who also says  the seniors don't deserve this

"Just so disappointed and so angry that someone would do this. Because it's hurting them. It hurts us, but it impacts them. Its shameful, just shameful."

Miller said the van was probably dumped Monday night, but before leaving it at the corner of Independence and Elmwood, the thieves took out the van's battery, making it completely undrivable.

The center says they are checking with insurance to see what their options are. In the meantime they are now putting up surveillance cameras around the building and considering gates for the parking lot.

"As a non-profit, the center says they can't afford to keep replacing whats being taken. We will soon have security cameras thanks to a board member. We have a board member whose company installs security cameras and we will soon have that and we want the public to know, who's ever doing this, we have clubs. Hopefully it will keep the bad guys away and hopefully they will just go get a job." Miller said

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