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Joe’s Weather Blog: Lulls And More Rain

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The gardens/lawns are not done yet getting decent drinks of water from Mother Nature over the next 10 days as an active pattern  is establishing itself and while we typically see things calm down around the 15th of June from a weather standpoint…there is more rain coming after this and we’ll get to save some money at least on the water bills it appears…and perhaps on the A/C as well.


Rest Of Today: Very nice and seasonable with highs in the 80s

Tonight: Quiet early but storm chances increase overnight into Thursday AM. Lows in the 60s.

Thursday: Morning storm potential (perhaps heavier to the S/SW of the KC area) then clearing in the PM with highs 75-80°.


So the NWS in Pleasant Hill sent this out yesterday…as you may remember I’ve been comparing this big rainmaker to a storm sort of like what we’d see in the late fall to early spring period…it’s a fun tweet basically taking all that rain (over 3″ in spots) and converting it to snow!

Can you imagine?

So today is a quiet day and actually a very nice day with moderate humidity levels so we’ll start to dry out a bit.

Another wave will head our way early tomorrow and the rain chances will be in the increase. Right now it looks like the heaviest part of this next rain may be more in central and SE KS but it will need to be watched. we should at least get some rain in the region tomorrow AM. Odds favor under 1″ totals for parts of the area…farther north into N MO you may miss out mostly on this next rain chance.

Other rain chances will come on Sunday and Tuesday of next week with some other possibilities farther down the road.

The GFS over the next 8 days is still bullish on the rain totals through the region as the drought that existed near the area is really chewed on even more…at some point, perhaps soon, the “drought” will be eradicated near the area…

ScreenHunter_25 Jun. 11 08.34

as a matter of fact take a look at a more detailed GFS forecast, specifically for KCI…and also notice the lack of 90° days coming as well…at least “officially”

ScreenHunter_26 Jun. 11 08.37

We may nudge close on a day or two…but overall not too bad for mid June.

As a matter of fact I don’t think we’ve officially hit 90° yet at KCI. Last year through the 11th we had done it twice…and overall through the end of June 2013 we did it a total of 7 times. This year the hottest we’ve been is 89° (twice). Again others have hit 90°+ but at least “officially” we haven’t.

I’m not exactly that knowledgeable when it comes to commodities but I can see the trend in a graph for a product that is heavily weighted on weather concerns in this country and elsewhere and I think you can see that all this rainfall…here and elsewhere is not exactly good news for some but better news for consumers…click on the image below for corn prices in the last 3 months

ScreenHunter_27 Jun. 11 08.49


Once those rains started to hit in the Plains and corn belt after a cold winter…the price of corn has been tumbling. I don’t know what the farmers feel like about those trends and others…but I’m guessing it’s better on the consumer side.

It’ll be interesting to see the latest drought report that will come out tomorrow and have the rainfall through 7AM Tuesday.

That’s it for today…may try to update the forecast portion of the blog later this morning but now it’s time to mow!




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  • Farmgirl

    Yes, a drop in corn prices will be better for consumers and our food prices as well. So many items are made from corn by-products (High Fructose Corn Syrup) not to mention grain products for livestock feed. I would love to see a reduction in layer feed prices as I market free range eggs and try not increase egg prices when the feed prices fluctuate so rapidly as it has done over the last 8 months. And all this rain is wonderful for our hay fields and grazing pastures. Now we do need it do dry out a bit so the hay can be harvested before it gets stemmy. Always something!

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