Thief steals Ali Kemp Foundation’s trailer on 12th anniversary of her murder

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. -- Thieves drove off with a trailer belonging to the Ali Kemp Foundation. The incident took place around midnight Wednesday on the 12th anniversary of her murder.

After her death, Kemp's father, Roger Kemp, started the foundation to teach self-defense classes. Jill Leiker, who serves as director of the self-defense classes, said the trailer was full of equipment used in those classes.

Photos of a suspect vehicle have been released. The suspect hitched the trailer to a white SUV and drove it off the lot at 95th and Metcalf in Overland Park.

The trailer is also white and missing a fender.  Anyone with information is asked to call police.


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  • Cameron Mael

    I am becoming very skeptical about the usefulness of these “cameras”. It is hard to believe that whoever did this won’t be caught….but that said….it also will not surprise me if they get away with this theft. Even with all the details about the trailer and the white SUV that hitched up to it and took it…it seems as if many crimes like this still remain unsolved. How can that be? Is society “that” uninvolved in their word around them and lack the decency and drive to help the police solve crimes? It is hard to not think the laws are very much in favor of the criminals. It is way too easy for criminals to get away with crime. My son, Derek Mael, was the young man in Westport the late night of June 20th that got attacked by 2 men on bicycles…and was knocked out by one of them in the middle of the street as he looked in the street for his broken eyeglass lens one of the bikers broke a few minutes earlier when one of them rode by Derek in his car and slapped his face. In plain view of a security camera. He was then run over by a truck and dragged..and he passed away a few days later on June 4th. I have heard over and over again “that Westport has over a 100 camera’s”…or whatever. What good do they seem to do? Evidently not as much as we are led to believe. The 2 men on bicycles that attacked Derek and his friend have never been found. Evidently, the police do not have a clue. They have them on video…but so far the info seems useless. What about all the other camera’s in the area that Westport brags about having? What about all the camera’s in the surrounding area that would seem to have video of these guys…and perhaps be able to tell the public more about where these bicyclists may be from? Or even more about what they look like? It is important to note: they made comments to my son and his friend that they ride around there regularly…but still no clues…or any citizens stepping up with leads. I beg of anyone who can help to do so. Only one of the bicyclists is facing serious charges. The other one should step forward and help us. His charges he face are very minor at this point. Why would he “go down” for what the other rider did? If anyone has heard “anything” about this crime that killed our son…”please” help us. Do the right thing…just like the right thing needs to be done to catch the people who stole this trailer.

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