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New Christian teen nightclub open for business in KCMO

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- After its big grand opening on Friday, a brand new Christian nightclub aimed at keeping teens out of trouble welcomed a younger crowd Saturday night.

Dozens of kids ages 13 to 17 cut loose at the Power House off Baltimore Avenue in Kansas City’s Crossroads district. The focus of the club is to give teens a safe alternative to popular, and sometimes dangerous, weekend hot spots like the Country Club Plaza.

The teen nightclub is the brainchild of Lashonda Washington, an avid churchgoer. Through church donations and raising thousands of dollars on her own, Washington was able to temporarily rent a production studio in the Crossroads for two nights out of the month.

She hopes to give kids a place to hang out away from drugs, alcohol and violence that she says too often erupts among young people during the summer months.

“I thought it would be good for them to have a positive alternative where they can go out and still have a good time with a positive atmosphere,” she told FOX 4. “They can praise the Lord, they can come have fun, have drinks, beverages, food and live music, bands, DJ, everything, a photo booth, just for them!”

Entry into the nightclub costs $10 bucks, with Friday open to people ages 18 and up.

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  • Ben

    Is this club for Christians, for teens or for Christian teens? What about teens who are Catholic or Muslim? Are they allowed in the club? And why is the club charging $10/person and allowing adults in on Friday nights? I thought it was a Christian “teen” club. Why don’t they make it simple and open the club to all teens for less than $10. The $10 will leave too many kids out because they don’t have the money. This may be a very good way of integrating Christian, Jewish and Muslim teens so as they grow up, they are more comfortable around people who are different from themselves and yet they are all people valued by God.

    • Squeaky Wheeler

      @BEN, Catholic IS Christian. And, I don’t see the problem with having something geared toward a growing minority (Christians). Everybody else has a place to be; Christians are increasingly becoming displaced. Also, pretty sure a practicing Muslim wouldn’t be caught within 100 yards of a Christian nightclub.

      • Ben

        Yes, Catholics are Christian but not all Christians are Catholic and that is why I mentioned both religions. Excuse the hell out of me, but I am glad to make the distinction since I am Christian and would never become Catholic. Finally, why wouldn’t Muslims ever attend a Christian facility to meet friends and dance? Perhaps, this would be the way to integrate friendships between young people of both religions. I hope this club would never refuse to allow a Muslim into their club. If they did that, would it also be OK to refuse entry to the Jews, Hindus and Buddists? I guarantee that any discrimination against the Jews would be met with outrage and hostility from all over the country……because it is just plain wrong.

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