7-year-old boy pronounced dead after being found in apartment pool

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – A young boy died after being found on the bottom of an apartment complex pool by his mother.

Police say around 5:30 p.m. on Sunday seven-year-old James Rogers was located on the bottom of the Willow Wind Apartments’ swimming pool by his mother, Tiffany Rogers. She says she took her four children to swim with friends. She says one minute the children were all in the shallow three foot end playing, and the next minute, she couldn't find her son, James, then saw him laying at the bottom of the five foot deep end of the pool.

"I rushed in, grabbed him out, pulled him out, tried to get him back and I couldn't," said Rogers about finding her son in the pool. "He was limp, blue and cold. I knew he was gone when I, oh lord, I knew he was gone, I knew he was gone."

After being treated by the Kansas City Fire Department at the scene, James was transported to Children's Mercy Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Officers say there were no signs of foul play at the scene and are investigating James’ death as an accidental drowning. They say it is likely he was underwater for several minutes before he was pulled to the surface.

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  • Frank

    As a father of losing a child I know it takes merely minutes, so please do not judge as if this parent was irresponsible or not I lost my child within a 12 minute period so it CAN happen! Sending all my love to this family and to let them know that it WILL get better I promise you, god takes our angels for a reason sometimes we just HAVE to believe that. Keep your heads up and hang in there
    A father of a lost child in heaven

  • JGR

    I am apart of this family and I would like to thank you all. These news articles don’t give the full story. Some people say that it is irresponsible of the parent though with 4 other children you may not be able to keep track of him. Also on other websites people will say that he should have been on a float though he was. So thank you and we have been praying for him.

    • Vahnessa

      Hello JGR. Sorry to learn of little James. My heart goes out to the mom as well to the siblings and loved ones. I understand her pain as I have experienced the loss of my daughter to drowning a few years ago. She was just two. Shortly after, arainbowforus.com, a memorial website dedicated to the children loss to drowning was created. Please offer my deepest sympathy to James momma. Let her know that I am praying for her. God bless~

  • bear

    I lived at those appt, you ain’t suppose to let your kids swim unless you in the water with them. Accident happen but if parent where doing what they suppose to do then it won’t happen. I pray for the rest of the family for there lost.

  • Damon

    Good lord BEN, your complete absence of humanity and compassion is shocking. I pray you never know what it’s like to lose a child, but as a parent I can assure you that despite how protective you think you are, it’s inevitable that your child/ren will get hurt. And sometimes tragically those instances prove to be fatal.

    • Ben

      Good Lord Damon: Your lack of common sense for all parents is frightening. You are quick to defend the mother but did you forget that a child needlessly lost his life because of her carelessness? Good Lord man, because it is the parent who is responsible for their child’s death doesn’t mean they get a free pass.

  • Sally

    Accidents happens. Please do not judge these thing. No matter how close you think you are watching someone. Lets try and help this family at this deperate time. Do not cast stones please.

  • Laurie

    Please keep all the NEGATIVE comments to yourself if you can’t say anything POSITIVE and RESPECTFUL DON’T SAY NOTHING AT ALL… This mother and family needs prayer and support rite now not someone talking out the side of they mouth about something that they have never witness nor been though. You can never say what won’t happen on your clock if you never been through it. AGAIN PLEASE KEEP ALL NEGATIVE COMMENTS TO YOURSELF ALL THIS MOTHER AND FAMILY NEEDS RITE NOW IS PRAYERS AND SUPPORT THANKS…

    • Ben

      Why aren’t you praying instead of trying to tell others what they should think or do. Stay off line if you do not like the comments. “You can’t handle the truth!” (Jack Nicholson)

    • Mama

      I CAN say I’ve been there. I’ve taken my 4 kids to the pool, always with my husband so we can keep watch on all of them all the time. And guess what, not one of mine had ever drowned. Ben is right, and I also am not going to coddle a mom that let all her kids in the pool, but didn’t watch them all. Accidents do happen, but this wasn’t an accident, it was negligence.

  • Bear

    I’m a mother, YOU NEVER TAKE YOUR EYE OFF THEM IN A POOL ARE YOU CRAZY, yes watching a child is a 24/7 365 day job if you can’t do it don’t have kids. Also don’t have to many kids that you can’t all watch. Also if you have 4 kids why didn’t someone or his friends save him, let me guess no one even cared he was in the water. There was other kids there he should of never drown. The mother wasn’t watching g him at all because he shouldnt of been under for a couple of mins. Best luck to the father and kids. My prayers go to you.

  • acts2:38

    I went to school with you Tiffany I am finding this out just now that it was your child….I just would like to say for you and your family I hope that there will be brighter days to come……I have never lost a child I have 4 of them so I cant say that I know how it feels but I will say that I can only imagine……..don’t look at all the negative comments on here Tiffany…..ONLY GOD HIMSELF WHOS NAME IS JESUS CAN JUDGE U…..I see the hurt in your eyes on this video….but know this….he is in heaven and he is not in any pain or hurting at all….god bless u

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