City to install sidewalk on street where 8-year-old boy was hit, killed

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

KANSAS CITY NORTH, Mo. -- A Northland street that was the scene of deadly traffic accident earlier this year will soon be getting sidewalks. The city's Public Works Department says it will install a sidewalk along Winn Road where a car hit and killed an 8-year-old boy.

"You don't see much in the way of sidewalks, and there are kids who have to walk in the street or walk on broken ground to get to the bus stop to get to school," said Sean Demory of Kansas City's Public Works Department. "This will be a help for them this will be a help for folks in the community in general."

First District at Large Councilman Scott Wagner cobbled together $225,000 in public improvement money that wasn't spent on other projects. He says that money now will be used to install a sidewalk in the Cooley Highlands neighborhood where many children are forced to walk in the street.

Back in March, a car hit Jordan Hale, 8, and a friend. Hale was killed in the accident. The children were playing in the street near an apartment complex driveway.

Neighbors have lobbied for sidewalks for quite some time. Many children and adults walk in the street to get to a corner store or a nearby park. There are also school bus stops along the road that neighbors say would be safer with sidewalks.

Wagner agreed, saying it was time to do something about the situation.

"It was really decided by the neighborhood that sidewalks were something that not only would have helped in this time but every day," Wagner said. "So many people walk up and down that street. It was necessary as far as they are concerned that we address sidewalk concerns."

Wagner says he worked with the Public Improvement Advisory Committee to come up with a plan that the city could afford with the $225,000 available. He says this does not solve all of the safety issues in the neighborhood. But he calls it a good start. Neighbors should see new construction of the sidewalk in the fall.

Besides the sidewalk, other improvements include lowering the speed limit to 25 miles an hour. New storm drains and curbs also are expected to help make Winn Road safer for pedestrians. Some are comforted to know that there will be good to come out of the death of a little boy.

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    • Wayne

      It doesn’t, it says it’s for pedestrian safety. Also in my neighborhood we have sidewalks and yet runners and walkers are still in the streets. Many neighborhoods I go through they don’t use the sidewalk for some reason.

  • Just me

    Once again a tragic situation is being used to promote an agenda. This appears to be a parenting issue NOT a sidewalk issue; was the child taught appropriate places to play? and did he have adequate adult supervision? Why is everyone manipulated by emotion to do things rather than seek to accomplish things on merit?

  • radioman kc

    There are sidewalks and wheelchair ramps all over town in places where there are no walkers or handicapped likely to walk on them. Another mandated waste of money…like too many firefighters for a city whose fires have been so reduced. Like an army of airport patdown morons looking on every plane for a terrorist. Gumment can sometimes be incredibly stupid. Ya wonder how our species survived all this time without sidewalks– like in johnson county and most every rural road in America..