Mom claims school administrator physically abused her five-year-old

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The mother of a five-year old Fox Hill Elementary School girl claims her daughter was physically assaulted in the classroom by an administration.

"It makes me wonder how many other times this has happened.  How many other children has this happened to or will it happen to and nothing be done, it be swept under the rug," said mom Staci Bevan.

Bevan said it happened last Wednesday during a two-week summer school program designed to help smooth the transition to kindergarten.

"She slammed me on the ground," five-year-old Kalyn said of the administrator.

Staci says Kalyn has anxiety issues and was reluctant to go to school last Wednesday, so she drove her there herself, and coaxed her daughter to class.  After leaving her in the classroom in the hands of a school administrator, Bevan said she waited in the hallway to see if Kayln's cries would stop.

When they didn't and when Staci said the cries turned to screams, she pulled out her phone to record the sound.

After more than 10 minutes Staci said she heard her daughter: "I hear her saying, 'ow, ow, ow, stop,'" she said.

Bevan said she peered in the classroom and saw the administrator on all fours restraining her daughter on the ground.

"Kalyn was on the floor on her back. Her shoes were off her feet. Her toe was bleeding.  Her knee was bleeding," Bevan said of seeing her daughter in the back of the full classroom.

A spokesperson for the North Kansas City School District told FOX 4 the administrator never laid a finger on Kalyn, instead sitting on the ground next to her so she didn't hurt herself or others.

Bevan said she was put on the floor by the administrator.

"I asked the principal why she was on the floor.  They said they had to restrain her to keep her from leaving the classroom," Bevan said. "I don't think there's any justifiable reason why force was used with her. I'm sure she's not the first kindergartner that's ever experienced anxiety about starting school. I'm sure she wont be the last."

Bevan admits her daughter has anxiety issues, particularly when it comes to school, something she said she told Kalyn's teacher and administrator.

The district says the case in still under investigation and could not comment further. Bevan says she just wants the school to take responsibility and make sure it doesn't happen to another child.

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  • Becky Means

    My daughter was abused by staff there in 2006-2007. This? isn’t a new thing at this school. I could tell you story after story after story…… yet the teachers still keep their jobs. When is NKCSD going to stop this pattern? Are they waiting for a child to die?!?

    • staci

      Please tell your stories. My daughter is being made out to be an out of control child and she is anything but that. This situation never should have happened. The stories have to be told in order for this to be stopped. Please let people know this is happening.

      • Becky Means

        I find it astounding that people are so quick to judge. My child has a CT scan to prove her abuse happened, not to mention SEVERAL violations of her IEP which is a federally binding document. I yanked her out of the school right quick and in a hurry while we met with several lawyers. The school seems to be just fine for kids that don’t require anything out of the ordinary, but throw the slightest little meed in there and its game on. My child happens to be special needs and lost almost 5years worth of progress, including all abilities she had to communicate as a result of the abuse. The worst part is she was not the only one. And, yes, these accounts were witnessed first hand by a few people willing to stand up and do the right thing. Keep fighting momma, and don’t ever send your daughter back to Fix Hell….

  • Carrie

    not so sure the child in this case is telling the truth. Did you see her behavior during the interview? This child appears to have some severe issues, and it seems to me it could be that Mom and Dad are in denial of them. Just a well educated observation from a healthcare professional.

    • connie

      No they are not in denial of nothing. You seen her for two minutes.And you call your self a well educated person on that note you should know you can not tell anything. But some people think because they are educated they know every thing.I think its sad that know one listens until its to late. For years no one listen to those boys that where hurt just because of the highly educated people they where

      • Ben

        Connie: After reading your post, you can rest assured that nobody will call you a well educated person.

    • staci

      Carrie we are not in denial of anything. Our daughter does not have issues and if you call yourself an educated health care worker, you would not be able to make a diagnosis during seconds of an interview. Please advise where you work as I would not want my family or friends provided care by someone like you. Abuse in schools is real and happens frequently. Its sad that people like you fail children by passing premature judgement.

      • Squeaky Wheeler

        I find this comment to be very confusing. In this particular instance, you are stating, “Our daughter does not have issues…” Yet, the article states, “Staci says Kalyn has anxiety issues and was reluctant to go to school last Wednesday, so she drove her there herself, and coaxed her daughter to class.” Which is it? No issues? Anxiety issues?

        Your conflicting accounts of your daughter are puzzling.

    • Amy

      The girl doesn’t appear to have severe behavior issues. She is acting like a kid. Sure the mom should have stopped her from wagging her hand (like kids do) while the camera was rolling but the mom was probably intent on talking to a news crew and was upset about what happened. Sorry mom, didn’t mean to rag on you, I have done similar and my kid has grown into a good man.

  • Michelle

    My son has gone to that school for two years and I have never heard any parent claim that any child has ever been abused. I think this child has a lying problem too. Parents need to stop trying to blame someone else because their kid is a brat. It starts at home. Take some responsibility as a parent.

    • staci

      Michelle, I am taking responsibility for my 5 year old child. You have no idea the details of the situation. My child is NOT a brat by any means and people like you are the reason this abuse continues to happen. My job as a parent is and always will be to protect my children. Maybe you should do the same

      • Ben

        I think the word “brat” is a perfect description of this kid. I have a few descriptive words for the mother, too; but if I print them, somebody may be offended and I certainly don’t want that.

  • Carl

    My first thought was, the mom standing in the hallway hearing her child cry/scream and saying “ow”. My first instinct as a parent would be to rush in and help my child, getting the administrator off of my child if need be. I would not be thinking “Oh, let me whip out my phone and record this!”. The mother’s actions are certainly questionable, and it leaves me feeling that she’s used to letting other people handle her child. I have multiple children that have been through the NKCSD. Yes, it has issues, is failing in their duties to our children and need to get their act together. But this parents reaction is a bit odd in my eyes. And if your child has anxiety that bad, especially over school, why isn’t the child being treated and evaluated to see if she is even ready for school? This was not a mandatory program to begin with. Again, parenting 101, or lack thereof…

  • staci

    My child does not have a lying problem nor does she have a behavior problem. I video taped her screams as I was heading to her classroom to get her because I heard her screaming owe at the top of her lungs. This abuse does happen often in schools but is covered up to prevent lawsuits. If this were your child, I hope you would do the same to protect them, if not, youre not much of a parent.

    • Carl

      Staci, did you record any video of the incident? Or was it audio? Has that been uploaded anywhere? I think that would go a long way in supporting this. Also if any other parents have anything similar, it would be good to post it.

      • staci

        Carl, I was not able to continue videotaping the administrator abusing my child because I was pulling her off of my daughter. I do have pictures of her injuries and there are other comments on this post of similar incidents. Also the news reporter spoke to a district employee that also verifies issues at that school. This is a very real incident that happens more often than anyone wants to believe. I volunteer at that school daily and had I not witnessed part of it myself, I too would’ve had a hard time believing it because it is in our nature to believe our schools are safe.

    • Ben

      It is beginning to become very clear as to why your daughter may be throwing fits. Seems that she has seen her mom throw many fits and it is a learned behavior. You threw a fit at the school and now you are throwing another fit online. I don’t think the school is the problem. I think the problem is closer to home. Grow up and start acting like a mother instead of a crazy dingbat.

  • connie

    All of this is so sad are kids are at risk and no one seems to care all they are interested in is that a five year old is lying or has problems. Penn State is a good example no one listen to those boys either. Look what happen Something needs to be done and there needs to be a stop to are kids having to go threw this. Other parents have had the same problems at this school or other schools but choose not to say anything because nothing is ever done

    • DC

      Wow Connie. It really helps to do a little research before you comment. You need to question why DPW (PA child welfare services) did nothing in 1998 and why no investigation of The Second Mile.

    • Ben

      If you don’t like the school, you and Staci should take your brats to another school instead of trying to create a disturbance and chaos at this one. I don’t think the teachers or administration will miss you. Just go and make it fast.

  • Ben

    If the child is screaming and throwing a temper tantrum, I can understand why the teacher may have restrained the child. If the parents had been training and teaching this child for 5 years, why doesn’t the child behave better than she did? Maybe the training at home needs to be investigated.

  • Gary

    Four witnesses at this school gave statements that matched exactly. This child was throwing a horrific fit. She was not man handled in any fashion. This is another example of parents attempting to blame others for their child’s behavior. Most likely an additional attempt to make some money off of the school district.

  • Squeaky Wheeler

    Dear Staci, the article makes you out to be insane – it reads as though you heard your daughter scream for 10 minutes before she started saying “ow ow” etc. and you finally went into check on her.

    If the article misrepresents your situation, you can rest assured that your persistent comments and rude remarks definitely make you out to have some sort of disorder wherein you have to have all of the attention all of the time and have to be right no matter what. Based upon your representation of yourself in this forum, I am very willing and inclined to think that the administrators were merely intending to help your child in some way; additionally, since you didn’t actually see anything leading up to the “ow, ow” statements, I cannot fathom you having a reasonable argument to the contrary.

    • Legal ideas

      Oh Squeaky–I am guessing that you are part of the Administration or related to someone in the District. Possibly in a legal capacity. Your complaints about the Mom are a COMMON legal excuse of many School Districts: to claim the parent is crazy, a complainer and/or a Mom that “thinks that their baby is perfect”. Squeaky, you are not very inventive. Her recording says it all. A Teacher needs to call for back up, not tackle a child. There are proper tactics to use, get the child out of the room, etc. I suggest that this Mother file a Safe Schools Act complaint so that this Teacher’s behavior is documented -as is the School’s. Document the actions/people in the room, Administration’s comments. EVERYTHING NEEDS TO BE DOCUMENTED.

      Do it tonight. From start to all the contacts/people in the room. Document. You’ll be glad you did later on.

      Squeaky–I am copying your statement about this Mom being insane to be used as evidence in an upcoming Federal suit….so Thanks for your comments. Your comments certainly support my theory.

      Mom: Might I suggest that you ask for your child to not be under this Teacher’s care. Furthermore, document everything, dates, send that video/audio to your computer so you have a copy. File a child abuse report DSS.

      My friend used to say that those that complained about bullying/Teachers are just “those type of Mom’s”…then one day it happened to her youngest child. Pretty severe. She said after that, she realized the helplessness Parents feel if their child is essentially being abused by an Adult. It is my opinion, that in Missouri-if you are a Licensed Teacher by DESE–you have nearly free reign to abuse a child. Your school is probably going to lie and defend til the end so that they are not legally liable. Sometimes schools destroy documents & evidence (as they did in I believe, the Blue Springs Mo. case)

      Our tax dollars pay their salary and then, pay for the School’s Attorney to protect child abusers.

      You are your child’s advocate. It is your Federal Parental Right to protect your child. PS. I am the FIRST one to call a kid a brat, and I thought your child seemed just fine. Her actions are one of a child that is actually, a bit nervous or having a bit of anxiety. After all, she realizes that the camera’s and her parents being upset is “about her”. Good luck!

      Look up the Blue Springs bullying case..breaks your heart. “These measures were enacted as part of a settlement with the parents of a boy who committed suicide after he was relentlessly bullied. The district’s insurance provider paid $500,000. The attorneys alleged that district officials and employees hid and destroyed evidence that documented the abuse. District employees allegedly hid and destroyed at least two suicide notes “in an attempt to protect themselves,that lawsuit claimed. ” Boys name is Brandon Meyers, I believe.

      The jury only gave Parents $500K for their child’s life and to punish employees that shredded documents to COVER UP CRIMES? The school probably spent more than $500K of taxpayer money on Attorney Fees to defend their abusive employees– our tax dollars.

      In my opinion, if an adult attacks you and sits on you to restrain you..I think that’d be considered assault. If a child sit and restrains a child, its called bullying. If an adult Teacher sits on a minor Student and restrains them, its called “never happened”.

      You certainly do not sound like an “attention seeker” as ole squeaky tries to lessen your credibility.

      Keep copies of all correspondence and make sure everything is dated. Documents certainly do not see to stay in files.

      I’ve been in classrooms and the Teacher picks on one child–for some reason. And the kid doesn’t seem that bad so I didn’t understand. There are just no good reason for these actions.
      Becky Means: I am so sorry about your situation. Very sad the negative affect these Adults can have. Good for you for pulling your child out ASAP. You are a true hero!

  • Michelle Duggar

    After reading all of the comments there is one solution. Fox Hill Elementary needs to stop hosting PTA skate nights and start hosting hard core English remediation with special emphasis on grammar and appropriate word usage.


    I have had 3 children come thru this school and have NEVER had any issues with ANYONE, staff or administrator. I think the ones that may have “issues” are due to out of control behavior. If a child is disrupting the class, something has to be done. I do believe if a fit is being thrown and a child has to be restrained it is to protect themselves and the rest of the class. Thank you Fox Hill for providing a great education and safe environment for all of my children.

  • heath

    The principal of Fox Hill seems to be more interested in hard core leather face tanning and dressing like a prostitute than anything else. Go to and
    check her out. If she can’t even take care of her own kids, how could thousands of parents rely on her to take care of theirs?

  • Happy Elf Mom (Christine)

    You are NOT ALONE! Abuse and restraint is rampant in KC-area schools. This is why I homeschool. My child was locked in a closet! What you are experiencing is not uncommon or unique, PARTICULARLY for special needs children. This is why we are fighting for the federal Keeping Students Safe Act. I can tell you also that until a couple of years ago? Liberty Public Schools had PADDLING in their freaking student handbooks. It is still in the handbooks for Richmond Public Schools. Look up the 2009 COPAA report presented to Congress. My child is student C15. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!