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Former IT director of Warrensburg School District charged with sex crimes against girl

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Darron Chapman's picture as it formerly appeared on the Warrensburg Schools' website.

WARRENSBURG, Mo. — Darron Chapman resigned from his position as IT director at the Warrensburg School District a week ago, and on Tuesday he was charged  with five sex crimes against a victim who is currently 10 years old. Court records indicate that the first offense Chapman is accused of happened on the victim’s fifth birthday in 2008.

Chapman has been charged with one count of statutory rape and four counts of statutory sodomy for offenses that allegedly occurred between October of 2008 and last Friday, June 20. The victim said during a ChildSafe interview that Chapman sexually violated her vaginally, orally and with his fingers at his Warrensburg home; he also  allegedly fondled the victim’s naked breast. Court records say that Chapman confessed to doing what he’s accused of to multiple people.

A probable cause statement indicates that detectives learned during the investigation that Chapman was employed by the school district. Dr. Scott Patrick, Superintendent of Warrensburg schools, said that the school board accepted his resignation on June 17.

Prosecutors have requested a $500,000 cash-only bond, and if he posts he has bond conditions not to have contact with the victim’s family, children under 17 and he must surrender his passport.

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  • Ben

    If he confessed to several people, either he confessed to them all on the same day or some of those people sat on the info. If so, that should be on their conscience. How could this have gone on for so long and where in the heck were her parents. It is difficult for me to understand how this could go undetected by a parent for so many years. Another example of a major failing on the part of some adult to the severe detriment of the child. It is shameful. We know this POS is guilty but there are others who share some of the blame.

    • Melody Flynn

      Although I agree that this could have possibly been negligently ignored pedophiles groom their victims and know how to make them not tell. They also will gain the family’s trust. Unfortunately, a lot of people are still naive about how to protect their children. And also, unfortunately, the victims still suffer when they tell. Pedophiles feed on people who trust them and know how to make a child afraid to tell anybody what’s happening. And unfortunately there are a lot of pedophiles who have jobs where they are trusted around children. They know what they are doing and we need to educate ourselves and know how to protect our children better. And the laws need to get tougher on these predators because abused children never get over what happened to them. They are damaged for the rest of their lives.

  • Jonny

    Let me assure you the school district is not to blame. Judy, this man has never had so much as a speeding ticket to this point. Also, Ben the confessions were not over the past 5 years, but over the last week. To my knowledge each of the people he confessed to contacted the police to ensure the crimes were reported. This is a classic example of you never really know someone. you may have known them for years, spent vacations with them, volunteered beside them, attended church on sunday next to them, but never really know the devil inside them.