Man reaches inside box of bananas at store, gets pinched by scorpion

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SCOTT TOWNSHIP, Pa. — A man shopping at a Pennsylvania Walmart got more than he bargained for while he was shopping for bananas. The father of two had his 2-year-old and 3-year-old children in the cart when he says he reached down into a box of bananas and felt a pinch. That pinch was a pinch from a scorpion.

“I yanked my arm out and flung it, and this scorpion flopped to the ground,” the man told KDKA. “Standing there in a state of disbelief, not really believing that a scorpion had just grabbed onto me in Scott Township.”

The man then threw a lid over the creature and swiftly killed it.

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  • Ben

    The people of this country should boycott Wal-Mart. It is owned by the richest family in the world with over 100 billion and they are too cheap to pay their employees a decent wage. Instead, they teach their employees how to apply for food stamps and other assistance. Additionally, their food prices are many times higher than Price Chopper. I never buy their meat and their fruits and veggies are never as fresh or as good as a regular grocery store. The 95%ers have the power but we need to organize better. Support your local union.

    • Aaron

      If the wages are really that bad, and they’re not, why do they have 10x the applications for jobs than they actually fill? Also, if the prices are higher than elsewhere, how can they stay open? Besides, Wal-Mart price matches the competition so I guarantee that not one single item is higher than wherever you find it elsewhere(some items may be exclusive to Wal-Mart so that would their right to price as they choose). People are always making big and ridiculous claims about Wal-Mart hurting the economy. The fact is, if all the Wal-Marts closed, the competitions prices would skyrocket(product in demand). Not only that but the millions of employees working for them would not have jobs. Try living in a 3rd world country for awhile and you’ll appreciate things exactly the way they are here. I cannot find one single part of your comment that even makes sense except for your opinion about the fruits and veggies not as fresh as somewhere else. I always find them to my liking but opinions are always different. The rest of the topic is not opinions but falsely stated facts. I understand you have an agenda by the way you make it sound like a political issue.