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Cancer fighter gets break from his battle to take the ride of his life

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- To lots of young boys and girls- the sound of a roaring motorcycle can be pretty exciting. It was the loud roar that first attracted Caden McGuire to Harley-Davidson, and he was quickly hooked.

Thursday night Caden got to take some time away from what's been a rough ride, to have the ride of his life.

It was the little things that made Caden light up on Thursday at Worth Harley-Davidson. The nine-year-old loves everything Harley, from cups to belt buckles, and he got it all.

But Caden doesn't often get to have days like this.

"We got told he only had a 20 percent chance of making it and I don't listen to them. My son's a fighter," said Caden's Mom, Crystal Shoemaker.

Shoemaker explained he started fighting a brain tumor, Medullablastoma, when he was five. After more than a year of treatment, Caden was cancer free for three years. In January 2014 the cancer was back, seven spots found on his spine.

Looking at him surrounded by all things Harley, however, Caden's never looked happier, and neither have the people who made this all happen.

"It's better than Christmas. I will not have this much fun at Christmas," said Rick Worth, owner of Worth Harley-Davidson.

Shoemaker can hardly believe the kindness of strangers who heard what Caden was going through and arranged all this.

"It's just amazing. Words can't express just how I feel right now. It's touching that everyone opens up to him," Shoemaker said.

"Thank you very much and I appreciate it," said Caden.

While the thank yous are nice, they're not needed.

"It did make his day, and I'm so happy it did," Worth said.

Caden's unstoppable grin says it all. He's riding off with memories to last a lifetime. Caden's family just moved into a new apartment, so the Harley gear will decorate his room. His mom is a single mother who is raising Caden and his little sister.

She says she can't find work because of Caden's treatment schedule, and has to rely on friends and family to get them to the hospital since she no longer has a car. That's part of the reason why she was so touched when strangers offered to help.

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  • Travis Lyman

    DC his dad is in the picture that vest Caden is wearing I had made for him and I work with hi dad and grandpa they are good people and I am actually having a ride for Caden on July 12th at rawhide Harley Davidson put on through the kc hog chapter

      • Missy Jones

        DC…..she isn’t raising those kids alone at ALL! I am the cousin and he is very much in the kids life! Not putting to much out here, but you should be able to read between the lines as to what is going on!

  • Amanda

    I wonder why it was implied that she is raising both children on her own as well! But I can tell you that the dad is in both Caden and the sisters life as I work with the father and grandfather of the kids! Sounds to me like someone worded things the way they shouldn’t be …

    • Missy Jones

      Just so everyone knows the dad is INVOLVED in Caden life! I am his cousin and know all about what is going on! The mother is trying to put things out here that are false! This is suppose to be about Caden and know one else.! The McGuire family is very strong and involved. We was all their at the Make a Wish Foundation Walk and mother nor any of her family side showed up for support!

  • crystal shoemaker

    Hold on wait one minute….. never once, NEVER ONCE did I ever say Eric Mcguire and or the McGUIRES were not a part of my kids lifes !All I have simply said was it’s hard being a single mom! MEANING I live alone with my children and it’s hard taking care of my financial responsibility

  • Charnda

    Hold on we all work together as cadens family …crystal is single but not once has she put down erick cadens dad they both do there part for caden ….this was not n shouldn’t be about that !!! I see there people that can’t see the good in what the news is doing to help caden but would love to try to make this no longer bout caden …smh god see all n will not phrase the ugly …cadens mom and dad do the best for caden as cadens family ….WE R TEAM CADEN! !!

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