Firefighter’s widow speaks out about the last night with her husband

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KANSAS CITY, Mo - We're hearing for the first time from a widow of a Kansas City firefighter who shot and killed by an off-duty Kansas City police officer. A Jackson County grand jury cleared Officer Donald Hubbard in the shooting, now a widow wants her own justice.

FOX 4's Megan Brilley spoke with Stephanie Bruno and her attorney on Thursday.

"I love you. That's how we ended every conversation every phone call," Stephanie said.

It's the last thing she remembers saying to her husband. It was the night of their wedding reception. Stephanie said she was trying to send her cousin home in a cab.

"The cab driver started saying he would leave him on the street. I argued with him," she recalled.

The argument got heated and Stephanie said the driver started screaming at her.

"He threw the money in my face and called me a very offensive name," she said.

That's when she said Bruno went off. Video shows her husband attacking the driver outside of the Marriott where the newlyweds were staying.

"I said, 'Anthony, stop it, Anthony!'" Stephanie recalled.

The fight was broken up and Stephanie says her husband decided walk around the block to cool down.

"I watched him. Walk away," she said

Little did she know that moment would be the last time she'd see him alive.

Surveillance video shows Bruno walking down an alley. Officer Hubbard was working off-duty at the Marriott and followed Bruno. No audio can be heard in the video and police say Hubbard gave him multiple commands to stop. Video shows Hubbard then pinning Bruno on the ground.

Stephanie said that was her husband submitted to Hubbard by putting his hands up. But seconds later, Bruno is on top of the officer, punching him repeatedly.

Hubbard shot him seconds later.

"My husband was not a mean, malicious person. He didn't have that in him.," Stephanie said.

Stephanie said her husband was very intoxicated that night, but she doesn't believe that had anything to do with his behavior.

"He tried to talk that man down. He wouldn't stop," she said.

Stephanie knows nothing will bring the love of her life back. She still wears her wedding ring every single day. She says she'll never take it off, just like she'll never stop fighting for her husband's justice.

"I just miss my best friend," she said.

Stephanie's attorney says they are still putting the lawsuit together, but should be officially filing it in two weeks.

FOX 4 did reach out to KCPD, they said they could not comment because of the pending litigation.

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    • Gary

      Seriously Wayne, Your going to call this poor young Lady a B…. ! I don’t care what your opinion of what happened was. She is living in a nightmare she won’t wake up from for a long time if ever. I pray you don’t have something this horrible happen in your life and then have someone Hate you for it. You are not real smart are you.

      • Adam

        What about the nightmare Police Officer Hubbard is going through? All because of her husband. From the video, you can clearly see that she basically sent her husband (like a dog) to go after the cab driver, then tried calling him back but it was to late. He was already in attack mode

      • Ben

        She apparently was acting like a “B” to the cab driver. She wasn’t very ladylike on her wedding night. Sounds like the Bridezilla from hades.

  • The cook

    The guy was assaulting a police officer and clearly looked as though he had no intention of stopping he beating he was giving the officer. The police officer had every right to shoot that man. It’s sad but justified.

  • Adam

    Stephanie-first, I feel for your loss. But this is obviously is a money grab. Do you realize that your husband was the majority fault holder? Do you know your husband was drunk and commiting crimes? He first started off assaulting the cab driver. Then he ran from the scene. Then he attempted to flee/run from POLICE OFFICER Hubbard (not Joe Blow Security Guard). POLICE OFFICER Hubbard(who was in his POLICE uniform) announced himself as POLICE several times. He then resisted arrest from POLICE OFFICER Hubbard. He then assaulted POLICE OFFICER Hubbard, forcing him to defend himself. POLICE OFFICER Hubbard, prior to blacking out from the head trauma caused by you husband, fired his weapon in orer to protect himself and save his own life. Your husbands action’s caused his own death.

    I hope that POLICE OFFICER Hubbard sues you for his hospital expenses and the pain and suffering that he has endured at the hands of your husband. You and your lawyer (who I doubt will represe on that case) shoud be ashamed!!!!

    • Adam

      And that “nightmare” or “horrible situation” as you called it was induced by your best friend/husband. He did not “submit” to POLICE OFFICER Hubbard. Instead, he resisted and assulted him. Obviously he was a “mean and malicious man” hence the mean and malicious acts that he commited (2 assaults-1 one on a POLICE OFFICER). He dispalyed it in this incident. And your attempt of “he had tried to talk that man down and he wouldn’t stop” obviously you are talking about POLICE OFFICER Hubbard talking to your husband, trying to get him to comply with his lawful orders right? How do you even sit there and say the intoxication had nothing to do with it? Would he normally act like this?

      Oh wait, because everything you said in this “interview” contradicts your husband’s actions in the videos…

    • Ben

      Adam: You make really good points but my only concern is that because all these people were drunk and the officer had to know it, perhaps he should have waited for assistance or he could have used his taser when the man didn’t comply. As for her lawsuit, it appears worthless and you are correct that the counter suit may be what she needs to worry about. In fact, if it wasn’t for her and her mouth fighting with the cab driver, her husband would still be alive.

      • Adam

        Ben: Officer Hubbard (“Super-Cop” as you to refer to him) saw a crime of violnce and acted accordingly. Officer Hubbard wouldn’t have known about the alcohol consumption until he contacted and was forced to fight him. Police cannot know who will run, let alone fight them (most do not). Usually when they do find out, its too late, as in this case.

  • Ben

    Sounds like they were all stupid drunk. The wife started it, the husband tried to finish it, the cop felt the need to get involved and the husband is now dead. The wife was probably as drunk as her husband and cousin. Maybe they shouldn’t drink so much because alcohol did have a lot to do with it. Next time, super-cop should call for back up before taking on a drunk that he could not handle.

  • Adam

    HEY Fox4 – How about a follow-up story getting a real attorney to show the defense of POLICE OFFICER Hubbard. Obviously POLICE OFFICER Hubbard’s attorney won’t be as dumb as mcclain and give away his strategy.

  • Adam

    HEY Fox4 – How about a follow-up story getting a real attorney to show the defense of POLICE OFFICER Hubbard. Obviously POLICE OFFICER Hubbard’s attorney won’t be as dumb as mcclain and give away his strategy.

  • Socali legal diva

    3 times the legal limit …. But alcohol had nothing to do with it ! Assaulting two people of which one was a police officer in uniform and who requires facial reconstruction ! Seriously Stephanie …… I can understand your loss and it’s a most unfortunate situation for all ! But this is not a case for you trying to defend your husband , his actions were out of control from the moment he started pounding the cab driver ! I do believe he would have continued to beat the officer as well ! IMO. … This was a situation that went bad real quick and it was not the cabbie or officer who started this !

      • Phillip Textor

        It doesn’t matter. The cop had NO authority since he was working as a securty guard for a private company to go after the man after he had left the hotel. That is a department rule. He exceeded his authority by confronting the man, tackling him, and trying to arrest him. Since he was on duty as a guard, he was supposed to call police who were on duty to address the situation with the cab driver. Those fact were all ingored. He needed to be charged with assault and battery in the initial attack. But, the DA covered for the cop.

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