Pizza shop owner at odds with city over historic sign

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

LEE'S SUMMIT, Mo. -- It’s city versus pizza shop owner in Lee’s Summit, Mo. It's a battle to keep a four-decade-old sign erected by the highway.

Lee’s Summit officials say it violates a city ordinance and must come down, but the owner says it has historic significance to the community.

The big red sign touting the name “Pappi’s Pizza” has been standing in the same spot on Blue Parkway since 1972, according to Jim Dingman, owner of Fun House Pizza. Dingman bought the property last year. He likes the sign and wants to keep it, only changing the name to reflect the business change.

“There’s a lot of history that goes along with the sign and the community," he said.

But on Saturday, Dingman said city officials sent him a letter telling him he had to get rid of the sign by July 18 because it violated a new city ordinance.

“At first, I was pretty angry about the whole deal because I felt the city could’ve come to us earlier and have a conversation and say, ‘Hey, let’s do something with this. Let’s try to come to a mutual aspect, a mutual conclusion on it,’” Dingman said.

Leaders in the city’s planning and code enforcement department were not available Friday for an interview or phone conversation with FOX 4.  But in Article 13 of the city’s Unified Development Ordinance, it states pole signs -- defined as a freestanding sign mounted on a pole -- are prohibited.

Dingman said it’s the city’s understanding that if you are a property owner who has always had a pole sign, you can keep it. But once that property changes owners, it must come down. It’s a rule change that’s ignited an outpouring of support for the pizza shop on Facebook with more than 500 comments, mostly positive, and among customers.

“Entrepreneurs face enough of a battle in terms of getting started and continuing,” customer Justin Kalwei said. “And over regulating things like this seem silly and counterproductive.”

Dingman told FOX 4 he has filed a permit application with the city to make an exception for his sign and that they plan to review it July 7.

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    • PherCoat

      If he intends to keep the “Pappi’s Pizza” sign the way it’s always been, then the sign has historical significance. However, if he intends to replace it with a sign that says “Dingman’s Pizza” or “Fun House Pizza” then the historical significance is gone. You can’t “grandfather” something that has never existed until now.

  • AB

    The city should shut up. Go west from US 350 on Chipman Rd. and see the warzone that has been going on since February. It was supposed to be a waterline replacement that the city decided to move to the side of the road. There are unmarked ditches, the sidewalk is unusable forcing people to cross the road without any crosswalks any where and holes people can fall in. The workers show up once in a while to finish the job that was supposed to be complete June 18th. It isn’t close to being done. The workers destroyed a sprinkler system and landscaping in front of Bent Tree Bluffs. The project is a disaster with nothing being done to finish it. The city should quit worrying about a 40 year old sign and get the waterline replacement project completed before someone gets hurt.

  • Devin Arnold

    It should stand no matter what it’s history I went there as a kid and I worked there as a teenager and as a adult I learned that it’s a special part of my life like very many other people in lees summit and around the metro