Watch: Shaken man confronts police after officer shoots, kills his dog

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Warning: Viewers might find some of the language in the video inappropriate.


SALT LAKE CITY, Utah — A recording of a man confronting police after one of the officers shot his dog while it remained in his backyard has gone viral and caused outrage around the country.

Sean Kendall is seen on the video racing home after he received a call from animal control officials saying police officers shot and killed his dog in the backyard of his home.

He recorded the conversation with police and posted it to his Facebook page.

“You guys killed my dog. I had this dog for three years. He was my best friend,” Kendall hollers and asks them why the officer couldn’t just back up when he felt threatened. “Is that against policy is that against training? Did the officer at least have the decency to kill him on the first shot so he didn’t suffer?”

On Thursday, Kendall told KSTU that internal affairs investigators looked in the backyard and Kendall said the officer was about 20 feet into it when he fired two shots that killed his dog, Geist, who he said he had for 3 years.

Salt Lake City Police say they were searching June 18 for a missing 3-year-old and an officer went into Kendall’s backyard but felt threatened by Geist, causing him to open fire.

When Kendall arrived home, he confronted officers who were there, but the officer who shot the dog was gone, but so Sgt. Joseph Cyr talked with Kendall.

“We entered the yard looking for a lost child. He was threatened by the dog and shot the dog. That’s as simple as it gets,” Cyr said.

“So I get to bury my dog because an officer couldn’t back up and close the (deleted) gate,” Kendall said during the exchange. “Something’s gotta change, and I know it wasn’t you. I’m sorry but I’m (upset).”

KSTU reported that Salt Lake City Police aren’t saying what specific threat Geist posed and said the investigation continues.

The seven Salt Lake City Council members sent a letter to Police Chief Chris Burbank saying the department needs to “educate” the public on police procedures when a child goes missing and how a search of nearby properties should be conducted.

READ MORE from FOX-13 in Salt Lake City on the internal affairs investigation.

“Within the community at large there’s a lot of people who have animals and have pets and are guardians of pets, they want the answers too,” said Carly Arky, director of communications for the Humane Society of Utah.

“I think we’re suited to work with the police department, but that’s up to them to contact us. The story’s building. The story is building, and I think the frustration is building.”

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  • four legged friend

    i don’t think police officers knows how to deal with dogs. i don’t think they know what to do when they encountered any kind of dogs.. but it doesn’t mean they have to shoot them. this is the worst scenario that they could ever do.
    policemen like these need to be trained how to handle dogs by not shooting them. they have no good reason to kill these poor animals. i am very sadden when i read the story on facebook that mr. sean kendall’s dog was killed for no good reason.i can’t blame him to become hysterical. mr. kendall lost his beloved friend Geist.
    rest in piece geist.

  • four legged friend

    i really felt terrible about this story and could not sleep what happened to that dog. he needs justice. and i hope people who have dogs will help him to overcome this situation like this. i felt so so sorry for mr. kendall that he lost his beloved friend…. condolence to your dog.

  • N

    They had to legal right entering the backyard REGARDLESS OF ANY EXCUSE!
    should be affected by their faults & their useless training.

  • Beamer

    Police officers will tell you if you approach a police dog and he acts like he will attack you then you should watch the dog and back away slowly. WHY do they not follow their policies. I know if someone shot a police dog then someone would have to pay for it. The police officer had no right to destroy private property without notifying the owner and just cause. The child was not in the yard visually were the officer needed to enter the property in an emergency. The officer should be fired and the chief of police. This is a serious situation. What next killing kids in their yard. My dog is my kid as I am sure this dog was to his owner. Where is PETA?

    • psyllee

      Yes, this is a serious situation. Though, if you are waiting for PETA to get involved with this, you might as well bring your coffin with you. PETA, well never involve themselves in this because, in case you haven’t heard, they have been under investigation of killing animals left at their offices. Read up on that. It well be another situation to feel serious about.

  • jaymetal

    Nothing short of horrid! Police with their short sightedness! As he said, it has to change!! There needs to be more being held accountable for careless actions that can be avoided! Police feel they possess every right to do anything that they want and then hide behind the “OH I FELT THREATENED CRAP!” No accountability whatsoever. The same thing happened to family years ago in North Carolina. They responded to a call of a heated argument going on within the home. There are two homes attached and they went to the wrong side. The renter of that side allowed officers to come in and go through to the other side. When they did, the occupants dog, Sheppard and Rottweiler mixed, walked through a door and saw them. Natural reaction of a dog is to bark at an intruder. Instead of saying get the dog, the officer pulls a gun out of his holster and opens fire right through the dogs head. He did not die instantly. They proceeded by stepping over the dogs body. Nothing was done in that case as the officers once again used the lame excuse, Oh i felt threatened. BAM! I can understand the man’s rage. Cops responding to a call that didn’t even involve him and to have his friend shot in cold blood and then have the officer just cowardly leave the premises before the man arrives home speaks volumes about the integrity of the officer himself. It’s not right and something needs done!

  • PepeLapiu

    First, the cop entered the guy’s property without his permission, without a warrant, and without probable cause.
    That’s trespassing.

    Than he admitted to be conducting a search. That is without warrant, .probable cause, or permission.
    That’s an illegal search.

    Than he shot his dog. His excuse for it is that he got scared of it while conducting his ilkegal search.
    That’s destruction of property.
    Than the coward made sure not to be there when the guy got home.
    Fleeing the scene of a crime.

    Wanna bet he’s get fuck all? These fucks consider themselves above the law and we let tgem get away with it.

    Shame on us. Shame on us, America!

  • sue baby

    Trigger happy thugs in blue is what they are. They shoot dogs if they feel threatened is because they are a bunch of cowards. Hire a lawyer and sue the officer directly, along with the department, only then will they change their ‘procedures’ and start respecting peoples property and lives. This is just another example of the dangers the ‘gang in blue’ pose to the citizens of this country.