Be ‘Weather Aware’: Temperatures will quickly drop creating slick spots on roads

Heavy rain to the north draws attention of bikers who ride along the river

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Some parts of northern Missouri are feeling the effects of this year’s wetter-than-usual season. Click here for a look at what heavy rains have done to river conditions.

Kansas City’s numbers are haven’t crossed above the flood stage yet, but FOX 4 spoke with two women said they’re keeping their eyes on the forecast while their feet on are on the pedals.

Tammy Edgmon says her riding her Harley-Davidson motorcycle is a completely different way of life than most. She says it keeps her on the edge of her seat and on top of the forecast.

“I feel like sometimes a human barometer," she said while laughing. "We do try to watch the weather.”

That’s because when the water levels of the Missouri River are high, it can change the way she plans riding trips.

“We’ve been hearing news from the north like Omaha and the Twin Cities have been flooding. We’ve watched the news. It’s coming down if it’s not already here,” she said.

Edgmon said when that type of weather makes its way to Kansas City, it could limit her time on the road.

“It messes things up because it’s the coolest part, especially during the summer months, you want to be cool when you ride. So going through the river and the roads that are along the river, you can’t really get through them, so you’re going to have to turn and go down a busier highway or something like that,” she explained.

Abby Gilliam also enjoys time riding outdoors, but she likes to ride a bicycle.

“We like to be, the river, there’s not a bunch of hills and it’s flat and we like to look at the water. We’ve got to watch for the storms and such. It makes us sad every time the floods come up and ruin the grass and all the beautifulness of it, but we just take it with each day,” Gilliam said.

As weather evolves, make sure to stay with FOX 4 and download the fox4kc app to stay informed FOX 4 Android app | FOX 4 iPhone app

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