Former school principal creates fast response security system

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary happened nearly two years ago, but the long lasting impacts are still felt today. One metro man left his career in education to start up a company that will hopefully keep schools and people more safe.

Hidden right behind the counter is Louisburg Library’s best security system. It’s actually the only security protocol the library has had in years and it was installed just five months ago.

We’ve had a couple of incidents in the past few months unfortunately in Miami County that has made everybody a little nervous,” said Kiersten Allen, the Louisburg Library director.

Allen has been worked at the library for 11 years. When a fugitive on the loose was found in Louisburg, she decided to invest in SafeDefend. It’s a security system created by former principal, Jeff Green.

“I went all in on a system that I think is going to make a difference and save some lives,” Green said.

Shaken up by the Sandy Hook shooting, Green reviewed the schools safety plan and found ways to improve it.

“One, how do we get law enforcement there more quickly with more information; two, what can we do with staff before law enforcement arrives,” Green said.

SafeDefend is a fingerprint activated box. With a swipe of a finger, 911 Dispatch receives notification of an active shooter and knows exactly where it’s happening, down to the classroom involved.

“Staff members don’t have to worry about making that call; they know help is on the way.  They can focus on their survival,” said Green.

The box unlocks a set of tools ranging from pepper spray to a baton to fend off intruders.

Each SafeDefend costs $500. For Allen, it’s worth the investment. The library has two.

“It changes the course of the process when you know you have a plan. And now we have a plan and we didn’t before,” Allen said.

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