Open carry law now in effect in Kansas

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- A new gun law in Kansas will go into effect Tuesday that will let owners openly carry guns in public.

It will be legal to openly carry a gun in a holster, in your hand or a rifle on a sling.

Captain Rance Quinn with the Kansas City Kansas Police Department says the sight of a gun is scary for a lot of people. Police said they will still respond to calls about people with guns, but the way they handle it will be much different.

"They may make a consensual interaction with the person, ‘Like hey, how are you doing today. I see that you are exercising your right to bear firearms. Is there anything I can do for you today?’ Or something along those lines," said Capt. Quinn.

The state already has roughly 90,000 gun owners with permits to carry concealed firearms.

The new law also gives private businesses the right to prohibit guns in their buildings.

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  • Jessie Raines

    I applaud Kansas for their stance. I have never seen anyone open carry in their hands. I pity the fools who post no weapons signs, you are making yourself targets for the criminal elements. While I do see that there will be some who abuse it, what we have to go through to get a carrier’s permit helps weed out a lot of folks. Also, this open carry protects those of us who do have CWP, and our shirts ride up and exposes the weapon, or if it gets hot out, and we want t take off our jacket. The overly sensitive nature of some of these people are ridiculous, and perhaps a weapons class in responsible ownership and education would benefit them. It’s an irrational phobia that needs to be addressed. Such cities as chicago have learned the hard way about legal carrying to crime ratio, and perhaps some of these plagued with Hoplophobia could benefit from unbiased research. I also don’t think that the news cast tried very hard to locate someone from who supports open carry.

    • Steve

      Actually, no. If you have a concealed carry permit your firearm must still remain concealed. The best part of this law, in myonion, is that people now won’t have to spend all the money or deal with the red tape to obtain a carry permit, which to me constitute infringement on our 2nd amendment rights anyway.

      • James

        Actually, concealed carry does not require you to conceal the weapon. It makes it not illegal to conceal a firearm. If it required you to conceal a weapon than every hunter with their permit would be violating the law. In fact, in Oklahoma, to open carry a firearm you are often required to possess a conceal carry permit. Most states allow for the open carrying of firearms in unincorporated municipalities without permit. Cities can regulate how open carry is conducted within their city limits – this was the case with Kansas, which has now changed.

  • JeremyS

    Actually the title is extremely inaccurate. This is not a new law. It is an ammendment to the state law concerning weapons .

    Do your own research instead of copying the Wall Street Journal and A.P.

    They didn’t create a new right to open carry. They simply gave the state preemption over all local laws concerning criminal use of weapons. Since the state never considered open carry illegal, any local laws restricting it are now voided.

    • Earl

      You can carry open if you have a cc, the big deal is that if you are carrying a concealed gun keep it concealed. To many people set up to were it pops out for whatever reason. The one and only point to concealing it is so that nobody knows you have it until you need it. Some people like everyone to know and that’s just stupid I don’t care the reason.

  • John Burris

    i think there is alot of ignorance in this video. open carry doesnt mean its going to be a bloodbath. means that there will be law abiding citizens like myself,(i have no charges except an mic from when i was a teen), carrying firearms. people have always carried in kansas you just didnt know about it. honestly like say i was in that liqour store owners store and someone tried to rob the place at gunpoint. at least the odds of law abiding citizens and criminals is evened out.

  • melissa

    so now we will never know who is carrying for protection, and who may have a gun to commit a crime. I think you are just making it that much easier for people to kill one another and commit crimes this way. Carrying a gun does not make you safe, just makes it easier for those who carry to pull the trigger and say it was self defense. i personally think this will become more of an issue than a solution..!!!!

    • steve boswell

      sure you will the ones who want to use a gun to comitt a crime will hide it till they commit the crime and the ones who have it for protection might just very well deture the criminal from pulling it at all

  • steve boswell

    I really feel that the open cary will be good people who carry openly will definatly deture some little thug from committing a crime thinkabout it its not rocket science if you were the criminal and you were about to commit a crime I bet you would think twice about it if there were a bunch of people around openly carrying a gun the real crime hot spots are going to be those business that don’t allow carrying for a criminal it will be the prime spot to commit crime because no law abiding citizen will be carrying excuse the pun but it will be like shooting fish
    in a barrel

  • steve boswell

    prime example of this is all of the school shootings where it is not legal to carry a gun and the movie theater in Colorado if a business does not want to have weapons there then I say hold the business liable if a crime ocures and that business doesnot have an armed guard on duty to deter I belive that would be called negelant on the part of the business for failing to allow patrons to be safe who agrees with that??

  • Kevin M.

    I see some people are nervous about this amended law which all it is saying is open carry was allowed before but some cities would ban open carry and now state law is stating you can open carry anywhere except private businesses that can still post no guns allowed. I really don’t think anything is going to change. Funny how some people think that once you are in possession of a gun you automatically become blood thirsty. I think I will open carry for a day just to celebrate but return to my conceal carry. I really don’t want a criminal to know I’m packing. But for today I will take that chance.

  • lee

    A bunch a scared, trigger happy, depressed drunks in the Midwest with guns walking around with an inferiority complex to match their big trucks to make up for a lot of what they lack as a people. Kansas… smh. I’m moving my business and men outta here. Conceal and carry is enough for my employees, i will not have to continue to convince my customers that their trip to get to my establishment will not be a possible mad max scene.

  • Don

    FOX4 is irresponsibly reporting that you can carry the gun in your hand. This is felony brandishing in Kansas. Look up your facts before you go reporting inflammatory nonsense, FOX4!

  • Casey Dane

    Prior to this legislation, KS was already 98% Open Carry. This law only prevents Preemption by the odd City or Municipality, that would only serve to confuse the public and “Infringe upon their 2nd Amendment Rights”.
    Quite a tiny deviation from past legislation.

  • Danny

    I personally feel safer seeing the weapon, at least you know who can help in a situation or keep an eye on if they are acting suspicious. Police officers open carry, unfortunately it takes minutes to respond to situations that usually only last a few seconds.

  • Cain

    Way to sensationalize the news Fox 4. Kansas has always been an open carry state. The new law is simply a preemptive law, that bars cities and counties from creating a patchwork system for open carry.

  • Skinny fats

    People will get use to it after a while kind of like we have with cops looking like assault forces. The media should promote the constitution rather than demonize it. If they promoted gun rights like they did sodomites then everyone would be open carrying.

  • Skinny fats

    Open carry deters gang violence which is HUGE in KC. I feel a lot safer in KC now that this is in effect. Open carry everyday or they will take it away. Now one of the mayors wants to start making communist rules about it. Shame on you politicians. Why are politicians always scared of a well armed public?

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