Dave Elliott’s tips on preparing the grill and making ribs

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Last year's winner of the World Food Championships in Las Vegas and this year's grand champion winner of the Maker Faire in Kansas City showed FOX 4's Morning Show how to make ribs on Wednesday. Dave Elliott will also be featured in the upcoming World Food Championships television show on A&E starting July 10.

Below are his tips for preparing the grill and making ribs.

Ribs -

Remove the rib tips and skirt
Remove the membrane, leaving it on prevents the rub and smoke from penetrating into the ribs. A paper towel works best!
Shake an even coat of PMB Barbecue Co. Champions Choice All-Purpose Rub on both sides

Grill -

Place one chimney worth of lit charcoal on one side of grill
Place an empty foil pan next to the coals to catch any drippings
Above the coals, place a foil pan filled with water
Place the ribs next to water pan

After three hours, wrap the ribs in aluminum foil, pour some liquid inside to help the ribs steam and tenderize.
After two hours, remove the ribs from the foil and return to the grill.
Wait until the last 20-30 minute to sauce the ribs (optional).
At 225 degrees, ribs will be ready in approx 6 hours.
Test for doneness using a toothpick, should have little resistance and come out clean.

Links to Dave Elliott:

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