Six-year-old fighting cancer delivers happiness in the form of colorful Band-Aids

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Noah Wilson’s story is touching hearts. FOX 4 News reported on Wednesday night about Noah, a six-year-old with a rare form of bone cancer, and his collection of donated colorful Band-Aids.

Noah has been on a mission since he started treatment at Children’s Mercy Hospital and noticed that no colorful Band-Aids were available for patients. With that revelation, Band-Aids 4 U was born and he started taking up a collection.

His family calls it a reward of sorts and Noah showed off his colorful Band-Aids that will go to brighten the worlds of other sick kids. Thursday, Noah started delivering 964 boxes of fun Band-Aids featuring every cartoon character under the sun, with a little help from strangers.

The Wilsons began their morning in their own yard where they were visited by Greg Mursett and his family, a group traveling across the United States in a RV. The Wilson household in Olathe was one of 23 stops they're making as part of a nationwide tour performing odd jobs for families in need.

They loaded the RV up with the Band-Aids and made their way to Children’s Mercy. Noah’s mom, Deborah, said she was overwhelmed with happiness, saying it's an honor to help sick kids.

“I'm just so happy and excited that this is here. We're here at the hospital. We've handed over the Band-Aids. They're going to go to the needs of all the children. I'm so excited,” she said.

Noah found the occasion a little overwhelming, but fighting through emotions, he affirmed the day made him happy. Children’s Mercy Child Life Specialist Missy Stover said what he’s doing is a great idea.

“It made total sense when Noah brought it to our attention,” she said.

Stover said the hospital plans to make fun Band-Aids available to kids who are hurting.

“Sometimes, the Band-Aid is like a little reward. It seems silly to an adult, but to a kid, it's like a reward, and it says, 'I did it, and I'm proud. Maybe next time, I won't be so scared because I know I have a fun Band-Aid coming,’” she said.

Noah’s dad Scott told FOX 4 on Thursday that the family will be back at Children’s Mercy on Monday for chemotherapy. Noah has already had five treatments and at least two dozen more are ahead.

If you're looking to help Noah with his mission, donations can be sent to:

Band-Aids 4 U
119 N. Parker Street; Suite 110
Olathe, KS 66061-3139

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