Joe’s Weather Blog: Saturday Storm Chances (FRI-7/4)

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Happy 4th to one and all…another great day shaping up for the KC region and the good weather will continue this evening for all the fireworks.


Rest of today: Sunny and mild but still comfortable for the region with dewpoints in the 50s this means that the humidity levels will again be very reasonable for the area. Highs today should be 82-85°.

Tonight: Clear skies and pleasant with lows in the 60s. South winds may increase a bit overnight tonight.

Saturday: Thunderstorms possible but may not cover the entire region meaning some may not get much of anything. Tough to say who gets rain though at this point. Highest chances are through early afternoon. Although the showers may linger through the night in parts of the area. Lots of clouds around. Highs may only be 80-85°. There is potential that if we have rain around in the AM, as I mentioned yesterday, we may be in the 60s all morning. That would mainly be in the rain cooled areas.

Sunday: Hotter, windy and more humid with highs around 90°. There could be some leftover showers in the early AM in parts of the area.


Hurricane Arthur struck NC overnight last night and was the strongest hurricane to hit the US since Hurricane Ike back in 2008. At the point of landfall near Cape Lookout it had max winds of around 100 mph. Although it appears most of the sustained winds were less than that there were some wind gust reports of 80-100 MPH or so.

This morning, as of this writing the storm is again back down to category one status with winds around 90 MPH and it’s off the coast of VA.


Not exactly the greatest day across parts of the coastal areas of the NE. There continues to be concerns about rip currents that may create problems for beach goers there.


Here is where Artur is expected to go over the next couple of days…

Damage reports from NC and the outer banks are coming in now. Some 42,000 customers are without power there. There has been flooding and beach erosion but at least thus far nothing too terrible and while some roads are still closed and it’s very early in the assessment process no casualties have been reported. This area is no stranger when it comes to landfalling storms…

By the way…Arthur was a category 2 storm…which is one category short of being a “major” hurricane with winds at least 111 mph+…so this streak has another day added to it…which is pretty amazing I think.

Something interesting was detected as the storm was getting on shore late last night…and that was in the eye of the storm which is typically where the winds drop off significantly, perhaps not calm, but much lighter than the strongest winds surrounding the eye of the storm.

This phenomena has happened in the past, as a matter of fact I was skimming over some research papers last night concerning this phenomena. Insects too have been known to fly along with the eye of the storm as well.

Meanwhile on the other side of the country, the monsoon has kicked into gear in AZ. While that could mean some much needed rain in the desert it often means blowing dust and when the dust storms are large we call they phenomena haboobs. Check out this youtube video from yesterdays action, shot by a reporter from a TV station (KTVK-TV) out there.

Meanwhile for us there are no changes from yesterday’s blog discussion. Storms/showers in the region are possible tomorrow into tomorrow night. I don’t think any one place around the KC area will be impacted by an all day rain but by the same token there may be several instances of rain during the day (if that makes sense). Temperatures are tricky tomorrow…I could see how some may stay in the 60s most of the day while others are in the 80s, especially the farther south you get..

We should really heat up Sunday into Monday although there may be some trash clouds around at various times on Monday. Looks like Monday night into Tuesday night will bring with it another opportunity for additional rainfall.

That’s it for today…have a wonderful 4th and enjoy the fireworks tonight safely!






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