Keeping kids’ stomachs full during the summer

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Thousands of Wyandotte County kids aren't going hungry this summer thanks to a new program called Dotte Meals.

Kids ages one through 18-years old can come to approximately 40 locations to get two meals a day and a snack.

Meals are served at schools, community centers and even some apartment complexes, Monday through Friday through the end of July.

Last year the Kansas City, Kan. Public Schools reached about 1,000 kids a day, but organizers say the need is greater than that.

For more information, click here for the Dotte Meals Rocks Program, or  call 2-1-1.



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  • sue

    Can you live off $159.00 for 1 month? Childhood hunger is a major problem in our country. Four years after the recession officially ended, many American adults are still struggling to recover financially with lower incomes and, in some cases, are going hungry, according to two surveys released on Thursday that underscored the unevenness of the U.S. economic recovery.

  • Nick

    What $159 a month Sue? I work for a living unlike the thousands on welfare or so called disability always with their hands out. Poor me syndrome needs to classified as a disability too.

    • sue

      yes I been on food stamps. yes I had a hard time making ends meet. I worked since I was 13 years old. I had a saving account at age ten all was my money I earn. got married to a man who like his drugs more than he like his family. All money was gone was homeless with two kids, I worked two jobs to get a place to live, no help at all. even x husband couldn’t give me a dollar . for 17 teen years I raised two kids one going to college , one just got out of navy ,got married and getting ready to restart going back to college. I worked at same job for over 15 years. yes I know there is people who rip off the government. I had a neighbor who has 4 kids by 4 different men she lives off what she gets in child support, government, treat her kids like trash. you call this people in get told they cant do nothing same way with the cops, women who have babies by different men and get food stamps.that are born with mothers like these would probably go hungry at night without the system. Granted the mothers should have been more responsible in the first place, but the babies don’t get to pick and choose the good moms they want. I know all about how people can abuse the system. some people can contribute nothing to society other than their love of themselves and getting pregnant. If I was you, I would stop worrying about other people. It doesn’t make you happy or give you any peace of mind. Just be happy that you are somewhat free since your life is not controlled by a hungry mouth to feed. or you make more money than me. i became disable a few years ago. yes I get disability income. for some reason everyone thinks I getting a lot of money. each month I get $749.00 a month. I get 159.00 in food stamps. I made more money when I was working. it so nice for the government to tell me this is what I get each month, the government tells me what doctors I can go to. I copay on my Medicines, doctors I have same bill as you do or less bills ,gas water, electric no home phone, no cell phone. yea im living a free life. buddy you just don’t see the real picture at all. you will never know me for me. I once was a happy go getter, give you my shirt , one time in past I gave money to Disabled American Veterans , shriners, gave my hair to locks of love. never in my life did I think I would love to have someone hair. never did I ever think I would worry how I will get to the doctors. all I am saying don’t judge me because I still have a fight in me to live a happy life, see my grandkids, don’t judge me for what I don’t have. judge me for who I am. if I died tomorrow I would not be afraid. I am a good person.

  • Jennifer

    Wow…i just knew that seeing an article like this on a “Fox” station would lead to a bunch of insensitive people posting a plethora of snarky comments. Please remember that there by the grace of God go you and I. We are all one phone call away from despair. Instead of being judgmental how about helping those out who are less fortunate than you.

    • sue

      yes there is always someone who thinks they know everything. you are so right. sometimes there is a story behind the person in front of you, a old lady who lost every thing she own in a fire war, a child that hides the truth of what happens at home. why do people jump the gun when they don’t know a thing about the person.

  • Shelley

    First of all…. there are kids in Johnson County that are hungry too but their families are to PROUD to ask for help so they go without. Second, I was raised and still reside in Wyandotte County and I work hard to feed my family. It’s about taking care of the kids.. I don’t give 2 rats about the adults that may or may not live off of welfare. The kids didn’t ask to be put into this world to listen to hateful people like some of you. So if you don’t have anything positive or nice to say… SHUT THE HELL UP!!!