Local immigration lawyer helps reconnect families with children who crossed the border

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- More than 50,000 undocumented children have crossed the border and now some of them have made their way to families here in Kansas City.

Jonathan Willmoth, an immigration lawyer, has reunited several children with family living in Kansas City.

"I spoke with a family today who was trying to locate their child. They believe he's located in Texas. We're trying to help them find the child and contact The Refugee Resettlement to get them released to them," he said.

Minors making the dangerous journey often come from Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras.

"A lot of these children are fleeing from violence, really serious violence. Their friends have been killed. They've been extorted. Sometimes they've been beaten.  Sometimes they've been abused in other ways," Willmoth said.

The Office of Refugee Resettlement house the children. All face deportation, but the process is long.

"If they are in the country, we want them to be well taken care of. The most appropriate for that is not in the shelter, it is with family members." said Hilary Cohen-Singer the executive director of Jewish Vocational Services.

A program at the Jewish Vocational Services offers a fingerprint background check to families claiming a border child as their own. It speeds up the reunion process. Cohen-Singer says about 20 families come through a month. These services, like those Willmoth provides are free.

"Obviously they've come through a really difficult journey to make it to the U.S so relatively speaking, it's better than the situation," said Willmoth.

Although resettlement is a temporary solution, children can wait years to find out if they get to stay.

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  • Looey

    I hope Jonathan Willmoth is willing to pay for this immigration mess. He is helping illegal immigration. The kids should be deported. They have come here with scabies, TB, chicken pox, measles, and many other communicable diseases. These kids are uneducated, don’t speak English and have not been inoculated. If allowed to enroll in schools they will be able to pass their diseases to others. They are here illegally which shows no respect for American law or the citizens. Obama is asking for $3.7 billion for now to pay for this. He has already spent over $250 million. The US can’t afford to pay for the support of these kids. The debt is $17.6 trillion and climbing fast. Deportation is the only reasonable answer. There will be no amnesty after this.

    • Love

      You sound stupid! You use a lot of big words in your comment but ignorance has prevailed. Just remember these people are not animals they are human just like you. Everybody deserves to live a good life. Don’t come off so proud, buddy.

      • WhySoSerious

        All they should get is a bottle of water a taco and a one way ticket the hell outta here! Tying fleeing to Mexico and see if they give you, free housing, healthcare, food, transportation, cell phones, etc! The free ride is over wake up!

      • Nick

        These kids and all other illegal immigrants need to turn around and go back to their own country. Obama needs to stop trying to help these heathens and let them fix their own country instead of making the USA a drug lord’s paradise.

  • Ronald

    Looey doesn’t sound stupid or proud, more like a realist than a dreamer. The point he makes is who will pay for others to have a good life? Since the dawn of time, man living from one day to the next came with no guarantees. Only through great toil and sacrifice did our forefathers build this Nation and subsequent generations have maintained it, until now. Employment and national debt are through the roof, as is the number of people living on government assistance. Add a million or more predominantly under-educated to that and even a math-challenged person should be able to see that we will not stay afloat.

  • Ronald

    DC, at the dawn of time, had there been a magic wand to wave over mankind to provide his every need, we would have never made any advancement to improve our lot in life. Giving things to able-bodied people destroys a big part of their humanity. It robs them of the will to overcome adversity, as well as the confidence gained as a result of having done so. This sort of initiative seems to begeared toward creating a sub-class of worker bees, dependent on the government, which is a profane thing to do.

  • Ronald

    Another aspect that I have seen discussed is childhood nutrition. Strong links between malnourishment in the formative years of one to five years of age and a permanent degraded ability to learn have been established, because malnourished brains do not fully form in less than optimum conditions. So, we’re allowing folks like this to come in with the unrealistic promise of achieving the American Dream, when the fact is they may very well be relegated to serving in a sub-class forever. That’s just cruel. It’s as if we’re saying, “You can come look at successful people in America, you just can’t be one”. Imagine the resentment that would create. That´s when the problem would become readily apparent.

  • weimmom

    Those so supporting should adopt them, the rest of us shouldn’t have to pay their welfare!
    A Handful of brave Americans made ‘Their Stand’ in Murietta, CA driving out buses of illegals… imagine what millions of brave Americans could do! Americans must make ‘Their Stand’!

    There was a time Immigrants came to the USA for the ‘American Dream’, creating that dream with hard work, learning English and a strong desire to be an American. These are the valued immigrants Americans are proud to have as a fellow American!
    Now, millions of illegal aliens are pouring across the border to ‘take’, stealing billions a year from Americans. Illegals are coming for the free ‘welfare’, refuse to speak English or assimilate, and truly do NOT like Americans!
    NO more sympathy, come illegally you are NOT welcome and should be deported ASAP.

    • DC

      I mostly agree with you. But do you know how much is paid to people who do adopt? The logical thought is, people who adopt take care of the needs of the child but that is not the case. We [the taxpayers] still pay for that child (or children), it has now become a business for some people. One has only to look to the adopted parents of Adam Herrman and others of “missing” adopted children.

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