KCK introduces its new Adrion Roberson Athletic Field

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. – A new grass field in Kansas City, Kansas means more to the community than a place to kick around a ball and track points. Wyandotte County’s first dual-purpose athletic field opened Saturday morning at North 9th Street and Parallel.

A handful of politicians, first responders, and parents supported Adrion Roberson, a longtime youth football coach in the area. Roberson coached kids for nearly 30 years. The new field bears his name: The Adrion Roberson Athletic Field.

Unified Government Commissioner Tarence Maddox chose this project in his district because he says sports play an important role in kids’ lives.

“It’s important that you start young because it creates a framework and a foundation for an athlete when they become an adult,” said Maddox.

The work on the field cost about $200,000 and was funded through sales tax dollars. The project included refurbishing the surface, adding an irrigation system, fencing, and a scoreboard.

“Sports has a way of drawing out the best in young men and young ladies and we just want to meet them where they are,” said Roberson.

Timothy Dupree grew up less than a mile from the field.

“This really was just a big open field. It was a lot of trees and things of that nature, growing up. We used the side of the school building. Wherever we could find some dirt road or some gravel, we would just go out there and play,” Dupree said.

Turri Hall said her son has played youth football in Wyandotte County for a couple of years. She’s excited she doesn’t have to travel to other counties for her son to play ball.

“To have something right here in our community is just fabulous because our kids need that. When you see the parents and the adults standing up and taking notice for these young kids and doing something for them, it makes them feel good about themselves,” said Hall.

A sense of worth in Wyandotte County supporters believe starts on the new field.

“I see opportunity. I see opportunity. I see hope; something for these kids. And not just these kids, for the whole community of Wyandotte County. I see hope,” said Dupree.

For more information about the field and how to reserve it, visit: www.wycokck.org/parks

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