Fun, easy ideas to bring life back to your deck or patio

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There are several easy ways to upgrade your deck or patio that will keep it looking fresh all the way through fall. DIY blogger Whitney Yadrich has some tips you can try.

Lighting increases your ability to be outside during dusk or evening hours. Outdoor lighting can also deter criminals. And there's no need to have wiring anymore. Solar and LED are ideal alternatives.

1. Ambient - String lights are hip and can be hung just about anywhere. You can also replace your patio or deck light with an led bulb and a cute fixture. Make sure ambient lighting aims down and out -- not up -- so you get the maximum benefit.

2. Task - Task lighting focuses on a specific area, like a furniture set. Cluster any outdoor lights together (like string lights attached to an umbrella) to focus light where you need it. A fire pit can also provide task light and maximize cuddle opportunities and conversations.

3. Ambient - Cool, glowing effects for gardens, water features and anything else you want to highlight. Use ambient light around garden edging and in unexpected places, like big plant pots, to give the yard some dimension. Glowing orbs and fence lights are excellent additions.

Pop of Color
1. Paint your boring deck furniture. This is the best way to show your stuff without having to make a big investment. Rustoleum is good and can paint over just about any surface. Clean and lightly sand the surface to make sure the paint sticks.

2. Add patterned cushions. They keep your bum happy and add interest to the bright furniture. If you paint the chairs bright, go with a neutral or complimentary color.

3. Bright flowers. Don't be afraid of plants. Succulents do well in Kansas and fit in tiny, cute planters. Pick something that blooms for a long time, so you get the most out of the color.