Joe’s Weather Blog: Records Keep Tumbling (WED-7/16)

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Good morning…refreshing isn’t it?

Another great day in progress through the region with just a few clouds streaming in on the latest satellite pictures.


Rest Of Today: Nice with temperatures in the 70s…

Tonight: Nice again with lows in the mid 50s

Tomorrow: Partly cloudy skies…the rain that some models have been bringing to the edge of the state line region should stay to the west of the area it appears. Highs again in the 70s.


Well so far we’ve got 2 record lows in the books…yesterday morning (54°) and this morning (55°). The lowest temperature I could find from this morning was 50° at Unity Village and up in Mound City, KS,  and Spickard, MO. I’m sure, like yesterday, somebody out there dropped into the 40s.

Yesterday’s high of 74° tied the 2nd coolest high temperature for KC, while the average temperature for the day of 64° was the coldest average in our weather record history. So we set a record low and a record cool average temperature…impressive for mid July with sunshine no less. Here are a whole bunch of stats for you…with regard to 2014…the last couple of years and longer…some impressive numbers towards the bottom of this…in terms of the “coolness” off the last 365 days! Click on that image to make it larger!

ScreenHunter_01 Jul. 16 09.53

This “coolness” continues the theme of 2014 for many areas east of the Rockies…some interesting maps came out today with regards to that. From JAN>JUNE take a look!

The latest surface map shows a nice area of high pressure across the region…this is the airmass responsible for the perfect mid summer weather in the KC area right now…and it should control things for the next few days.


As I blogged about a few days ago…when one part of the continent gets abnormally cool…another part get’s abnormally warm…check out the following map…and look way up towards the NW Territories…notice that 75° temperature? Yup warmer than KC yesterday (74°). Click on the map below to see some of the other places that were warmer than KC in mid July!

ScreenHunter_02 Jul


The front that ushered in the cool Canadian airmass has slowed to a crawl across the eastern seaboard and the “shallowness” of the cool air has backed up against the Rockies to the west of the region…hence a lot of rain out there, while we enjoy the great weather here in the KC region.

The state of OK is primed for a LOT of rain in this scenario as a disturbance comes out of the Rockies…AR is also set up for some big rains as well…take a look at the forecast off the NAM model for total rainfall via NEXLAB…

The model is indicating over 6″ of rainfall near Ft Smith, AR .

The aren’t any great signals for us to get much rain over the next 5-7 days or so…so IF you didn’t get a good shot of rain a couple of days ago when the front moved through the region…odds are you’ll need the sprinklers sooner rather than later.

Have a great day and enjoy this nice summer break!





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