Relative of Lenexa double homicide victims speaks about loss, demands justice

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LENEXA, Kan. -- Prosecutors have charged 27-year-old Alex W. Brune of Lenexa, Kan., with two counts of first-degree murder in connection with the July 9th double homicide in Lenexa.

Alex Brune, 27

Alex Brune, 27

Police took Brune into custody on July 16 and he made his first court appearance on Thursday.

Several days prior, on Wednesday, July 9 police received a call shortly after 10 p.m. from a man who had been shot in the stomach, but said he was unsure of his location. Police pinged his phone and determined he was in the 8500 block of Hallet Street in Lenexa.

When police arrived, they located Brune in the front yard shot in the stomach telling them two people were dead inside the home. They have been identified as Brian Baskind, 47, and Clifford Preston, 79, who were related as stepfather and stepson.

Jonathan Baskind is the brother and stepson of the victims. On Thursday he spoke to FOX 4 about his recent loss.

“They weren't hurting anybody, they were just living their lives and this guy comes in to steal.  He stole alright, he stole a lot more than he even realizes,” said Baskind. “I just want people to know Cliff and Brian were two of the loveliest people you'd ever want to meet.”

Cliff Preston, 79, was found dead in Lenexa on Wednesday, July 9.

Cliff Preston, 79, was found dead in Lenexa on Wednesday, July 9.

Baskind says his mother began her relationship with Preston about 34 years ago, and after the divorce almost five years ago, he stayed close to both boys. Jonathan was working for Preston and Brian was living with him.

“He did more for me than my own dad did for me,” Baskind said about Preston.

Baskind says he was at work when he heard news reports of a shooting on his family's street and rushed over to find police at their home.

“And when I was asking, I was just hoping and praying it was all wrong,” he said.

Brian Baskind, Photo Credit: Facebook

Brian Baskind, Photo Credit: Facebook

The only thing police are telling Baskind at this point is that Brune was there to rob the place.

“Justice has got to be served in this with nothing less than capital punishment,” said Baskind.

Bond for Brune has been set at $2 million. After making his first court appearance on Thursday, he is due back in court for a preliminary hearing on July 24 at 10 a.m. in Johnson County District Court 19.

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