String of car break-ins solved in Grain Valley

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GRAIN VALLEY, Mo. -- Grain Valley police have put an end to a string of car break-ins. Five teens are in custody and police found a lot of property they believe to be stolen.

Officers following up on leads found both at a Grain Valley home, but police are quick to say don't let your guard down.

"Everywhere from loose change to electronic device, very glad to get back a loaded handgun stolen out of one of the unlocked cars," said Dave Starbuck, Grain Valley Assistant Police Chief.

Rosalind Richter is one of more than three dozen victims. She doesn't know if the portable DVD player taken from her car has been found, but news of the arrests gives her a sigh of relief. However, she's not letting her guard down and hopes no one else does.

"Just remember to be safe, keep your eyes open keep eye on neighbors and continue to look out for each other," she cautioned.

Asst. Chief Starbuck agrees. Crime isn't rampant in Grain Valley, but it was clear the city was targeted and victims made it very easy.

"In almost every instance the cars were parked there unlocked, frequently, with obvious property in plain view. Thieves didn't have to do anything but open the door ransack and run," said Asst. Chief Starbuck

Simply taking valuables with you or at least hiding them can help deter many criminals, but Asst. Chief Starbuck wants you to take it a step further. Don't keep items in your car that identify you or where you live, and never leave your garage door opener behind.

"If they find that in a parking lot of shopping center, now they know where you live and they basically have free reign to walk into your house," he said.

Once the investigation is complete, the case files will be sent to the Jackson County Prosecutor's office.

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  • witty

    Police should not have to concentrate on crimes caused by the stupidity of those who leave valuables in unlocked cars. Those victims are victims of their own stupidity. They should have to pay the city back for the time spent working on their ridiculous case. Those who leave guns unlocked should be charged for reckless endangerment.

  • Ben

    How can people be so stupid as to leave their car unlocked with a DVD player or a loaded handgun in it. Whomever left the gun in the car should be charged with negligence and endangerment. If you want to have a gun, you need to be responsible and leaving it loaded in an unlocked car is far from being responsible. It is just plain stupid.

  • Jason Heck

    “Everywhere from loose change to electronic device, very glad to get back a loaded handgun stolen out of one of the unlocked cars,” said Dave Starbuck, Grain Valley Assistant Police Chief.

    Proofread much? Or is Dave Starbuck moderately concussed?

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