Craigslist Killings: Male victim was decapitated, head still missing

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


SARANAC, Mich. – Police disclosed additional disturbing and gruesome details about the murders of two people and suicide of the man who police say took their lives in a brutal manner after a meeting arranged through Craigslist.

Charlie Oppenneer, 25, and Brooke Slocum, 18, along with her unborn child, were killed at the hands of Brady Oestrike, police say.

Police Chief James Carmody said the three made an arrangement through Craigslist for Oestrike and Slocum to have sex in the presence of Oppenneer.

Oppenneer’s car was found abandoned, and then his headless body was found in a wooded area on Wednesday. Police then realized his girlfriend, Brooke Slocum, was missing, too.

Then on Thursday, when police stopped Osestrike after a chase, he took his life. When they opened the trunk of his car, they found Brooke dead of strangulation.

FOX 4 sister station, FOX 17 in Grand Rapids, Mich., discovered a Craigslist post from about three weeks ago from a couple looking for another lover. The subject of the post said, “Looking for a girlfriend or fwb (friends with benefits).”

The post mentions how the woman was eight-months pregnant and her description in the post bears a striking resemblance to Slocum. In part, the post reads, “Hello! A little about me: I am 18, 5’3″ about 120lbs now and still growing (I happen to be 8 months pregnant with a beautiful white/Korean baby girl), I am white and petite, short brown hair and green eyes… father of my child and I are sort of involved in this weird open relationship.”

Chief Carmody described the conditions of investigating Oestrike’s residence as “hellish.” More than 400 different items were identified as evidence in the residence, including restraints, dozens of firearms, knives, and a collection of electronics that included computers, cameras, and monitoring devices.



Greg Slocum, Brooke’s father, said he knew a different Brooke. While looking for a dress for his daughter’s funeral, Slocum says he came across several letters she had written to herself, which show her compassion and love for people.

Click here to hear more from Greg Slocum.

“To think this was going to be my first granddaughter, and to have lost her is just every worst nightmare come true,” Slocum said.

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