Edwardsville Fire Chief Kevin Schuler resigns

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

EDWARDSVILLE, Kan. -- Kevin Schuler has resigned from his post as Edwardsville Fire Chief effective immediately according to a news release from the city. Schuler had been placed on paid administrative leave last Thursday, July 17.

City Manager Michael Webb says he accepted Schuler's resignation and the city will begin searching for its next fire chief immediately. While the search is ongoing, Edwardsville Director of Public Safety Mark Mathies will oversee the city's fire department and emergency services.

Schuler had served the department for 10 years. FOX 4 reported that police escorted from his office, confiscating his computer and keys after he was placed on leave.

A reported complaint from a city employee opened an investigation into Schuler, but city leaders would not elaborate on the nature of the investigation when asked last Friday.

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    • Painter

      DC so ironic that would say such a thing about someones without knowing facts.How about the fact he resigned cause of the politics and unreasonable actions of the admin Also, he was cleared of any wrong doing before he resigned.

    • Painter

      Amen, It seems the article was broadcasted fox 4 by hersey Not Facts the reporter couldnt even get Mr.Schulers first name right. They could of interviewd him and asked why he resigned but no
      they just want to make public watch them they cont care about the trurth

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