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Homes bulldozed to improve Western Independence neighborhood

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

715 Overton (435 to Truman Rd., East on Truman, Right on Overton)

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. — On Monday, two homes in Western Independence were brought down by heavy equipment to make room for neighborhood improvements.

The Independence School District said it has relied on a number of partners, both public and private, to “create the kind of neighborhood stability that students crave and studies show enable academic success.”

After the rubble is cleared away at 715 Overton, two new homes and a renovated home will fill the space.

This is the second renovation of the Twelve Blocks West project. The first took down an apartment complex that neighbors said was being used by drug dealers. According to Independence School District spokesperson Nancy Lewis, two new homes were built in that space.



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    • Max Rockatansky

      I agree. There is a lot to do in Indep. They should get rid of all the section 8 ppl in HawthorneApts too. Get rid of them and the criminal element they bring in and crime in Indep will drop considerably.

      • Ja Jo

        You know there are a lot of families that live there and wouldn’t have anywhere else to go. It is not that they need to get rid of everyone there they need to get the rubbish out that make it bad. Just because someone is on section 8 does not mean they are automatically criminals

      • Max Rockatansky

        I worked there. LOTS of drug and alcohol use, unsupervised kids, fast food and junk food trash blowing around and then their lowlife friends and relatives coming and going all hours. Why is my tax dollars going to help them live like that?
        Make a requirement u must have a job to live there. The VERY FEW decent families there don’t stay long.

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