Grandmother uses cell phone to record couple having sex on public beach

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

BRADENTON BEACH, Fla. — A Florida couple was arrested Sunday after a grandmother used her cell phone to record them having sex on a public beach in front of dozens of people.

FOX 13 reported that Jose “Benny” Caballero and Elissa Alvarez were charged with lewd and lascivious behavior for the alleged crime, which took place over a long period of time in front of dozens of people including families, police said.

The grandmother, who said she has lived there since 1978 said she has never seen anything like this on the area beaches.

Witnesses said the couple went at it for 25 minutes, then took a quick dip in the water. They then returned to their beach towel, where after a nap, witnesses say the couple began to engage in more sex acts.

“They laid on the beach and passed out for hours,” the grandmother said about the couple after they returned from their dip in the ocean. “We thought they were dead, but when they woke up, they cuddled for a while, then started into the same thing they did before.”

A parent who witnessed the couple’s behavior reportedly called police. At one point the grandmother said she pulled her cell phone out and recorded the couple with the intention of turning the video over to police once they arrived.


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  • Yeah ..Big Surprise

    well you should care. The degradation of our country , lack of morals, and lack of appropriate behavior all have been displayed and exampled to our children ..and if you don’t care then you are part of the problem .No wonder children are having sex in elementary school and young girls aspire to be ” dancers ” ( yeah) in strip clubs….They see it on prime time TV,,,and NOW on the beach during family time…Too many adults who do not care, have bad attitudes , loose morals, and no foresight of the ramifications on our society …. going to hell in a handbasket

  • Agree

    I agree. That’s totally inappropriate, and if it were children of their own they would probably be upset about it. But who knows, they clearly have no home training to think its ok to have sex in public. What is this world coming to?

  • Jay

    Okay. Why didn’t anyone stop them or call police after the first few mins of them going at it if they were so concerned about what their children were seeing? A man could’ve walked up, cleared his throat and say excuse me. If they were stoned, like I think they were-they’d have kept going. Someone then should have called the police. I think it’s because they both were attractive and some grown ups watching were acting very immature- INCLUDING the grandmother who filmed it. Sick world all around!

  • Dina

    My congratulations to the lady that recorded and called the cops. She did the right thing. Nobody has the right to have sex in public. Get a hotel or look for a place with no people. And by the way…look at the face of the girl. The picture they take in the Police Station. That girl is not normal. That is not a normal behavior for a girl that had sex in public and was being arrested..she smiles…like nothing was happening.

      • Nick

        You are showing your age Ben. A child of the me generation that thinks the world owes them everything and they have to work for nothing. No consequences for your actions. I guess it is okay if people enjoy public sex at the beach, at the grocery store, at a mall and at a day care. Might as well teach kids young huh? DUMBASS!

  • FAB D

    “At one point the grandmother said she pulled her cell phone out and recorded the couple with the intention of turning the video over to police once they arrived.” Instead she put it on the internet. Typical …

  • Anthony

    This is Murica! Where it’s appropriate, and encouraged, to let a child watch someone being brutally killed (as long as it’s in the name of god or country or the person is brown or brown-ish). But don’t you dare let a child see two people making love! For shame! (Oh yea…you’re a pervert grandma.)

  • Ben

    Grandma doesn’t own the beach and if she didn’t like what was happening, why did she sit thru it the first time instead of immediately calling police? Why didn’t the other beach goers just disrupt them and tell them to stop? They didn’t need to cal the police because 2 people are having sex. No wonder the police cannot keep up with all the calls. Some people are so uptight and others enjoy the show but won’t admit it.

  • Jerome

    To all the older people complaining if what you say is true your part of the problem because you were who we followed before . and these man made rules about morals stop OK because if morals are what we go by then I don’t want to be apart of it were are our morals when a Killer go’s free. Or a innocent man gets locked up. Brothers rapeing sisters and ext. People pick and choose what they want to focus on sex is sex no matter where it is if the kids come out missed up its the parents fault not society.

  • Chris Strohm

    That Grandma really needs to get a life. So what, people having sex in public. Maybe they were European and didn’t think anything of it. Americans just need to get over the fact that people have sex! Were a country of PRUDES! lol

    • Nick

      Have you ever been out of your little town? Europeans do not have sex in public anymore than skanks here do! I am not a prude but do not think that having morals is a bad thing. Go back to your Xbox boy.

  • Dee

    some people need to mind their own business… and let it go… Sex is a apart of life. They see worse things in sex ed class…. even in some tv shows….. Grandma needs to keep her opinion to herself…