Video: Israeli woman runs from rockets in Tel Aviv

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Israeli Rachel Brilleman gives a personal account of what it’s like to dodge rockets in Tel Aviv. There is protocol people are urged to follow for their safety. Brilleman goes through those steps as sirens begin to blare. But when she started recording the video she had no idea how close the danger really was.

On Tuesday, the FAA canceled all U.S. flights into Tel Aviv. The FAA said in a statement that the ban on flights is for 24 hours beginning at 12:15 p.m. EST on Tuesday.

The statement said the rocket strike landed about one mile from Ben Gurion International Airport Tuesday morning.

The notice only applies to U.S. airlines since the FAA has no authority over carriers from other nations.

The agency said it will continue to monitor and evaluate the situation, and that updated instructions will be provided to U.S. airlines “as soon as conditions permit, but no later than 24 hours” from the time the directive went into force.