Mothers in Charge rally to stop Kansas City gun violence

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The shooting of a five-year-old boy in Kansas City has prompted gun violence activists to speak out against having guns in the home.

Some moms in Kansas City are fed up with the violence and want other mothers to join them in their effort to get guns out of homes.

This group of women called Mothers in Charge, determined to take back their neighborhood from gun violence, gathered for a rally at 59th and Blue Hills Road on Wednesday. They were canvasing the Blue Hills neighborhood, passing out fliers, their effort sparked by an incident that happened two-and-a-half weeks ago.

"We are rallying around that situation what happened to that 5-year-old child. He was shot in his own apartment," said Rosilyn Temple, with Mothers in Charge.

July 15, in the Charter Landing Apartments, police say 22-year-old Delaney Singleton was clearing his gun when it went off. The bullet fired through an interior door, into a bedroom, and hit the child in the back. Luckily, the boy survived.

"That one bullet that shot the child, that could have been a homicide,” said Temple.

Temple knows what it feels like to lose a child that way. She says Thanksgiving Eve 2011, she found her son, Antonio Thompson, murdered in his home.

"He was shot. Someone went into my son's apartment and took his life,” she said.

She and other mothers who know that pain have formed the group, Mothers in Charge, to help stop the violence.

"We will always grieve but I just found a place in my life where I chose to live and go on. Take a stand here in Kansas City to make a difference,” said Temple. "We want peace. We want guns out of the home; we want people to take a stand no more. Enough is enough."

While police officers take care of what happens in the streets, Mothers in Charge are hitting the streets to urge parents to police their homes for guns and get them out.

"I have a younger son at home, I check under his bed, his closet; I go in every room in my home. I look under mattresses. No room in my home is private,” said Temple.

Delaney Singleton, the man accused of shooting the five-year-old boy, has been charged with second degree assault.

CLICK HERE for more on Mothers in Charge.

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  • Lee Cruse

    I wonder if they believe their misguided statements enough to post signs on their homes as “No Gun Zones”?
    A reasonable person would suggest that these people join NRA and learn to safely use and handle their guns,. I am sure that there are gun ranges in the area that offer training and practice.

  • Billy Frady

    How about parent be parent , A gun is a gun , problem is the kids who have no parents teaching them, If not guns, it will be knifes, if not knifes it will be ball bats. So you have to stop being stupid and realize the problem is parenting . My kids grow up in a house with guns, Never not one time was there a problem. Because I was a parent to my kids and I taught them. When they didn’t mind they where punished , Instead of saying my Johnny didn’t do that like I see so many parents do to day. So we need to look at why these kids , Where is the parents. why are these kids out in the middle of the night. My kids where never allowed to just go hang. The fear of god goes a long way in rasing kids ,, My kid are not adults and I don’t have thugs for kids, I don’t have criminals for kids. MY kids mind me and have respect for adults and authority .

  • Billy Frady

    MY kids are now adults. sorry for misspell . To hear bad parents to keep blaming everything but bad parenting gets old after a while. criminals don’t obey they law, kids don’t obey the law when they are raised to not respect adults and authority. Gun laws only effect law abiding citizens , because they follow the law criminals don’t. A gun is a piece of metal. just like a knife or a car. Do you ban cars when a drunk runs over people and kills them or do you throw that drunk in prison for murder.

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