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Boy with brain tumor wants only one thing for his birthday: cards — and the country delivers

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Danny Nickerson of Foxboro, Mass., will celebrate his sixth birthday on Friday, July 25.

But the little boy is currently battling an inoperable cancerous brain tumor. He has only asked for one thing for his birthday: cards.

The request went viral on Facebook — and since then Danny has received an influx of cards.

Kids at local daycare created homemade birthday cards for Danny.

“I told them that we were going to make birthday cards for a very special friend,” Heidi Foster, Pre-K teacher, said. “And we told them that he had a brain tumor and that he was very sick and that his birthday was on Friday so we were going to make him a birthday card.”

One of the teachers saw the Facebook post that eventually inspired the whole class.

“It breaks my heart because most kids his age want the legos, they want the superhero toys,” Chelsea Gross said. “And all he wants is a card saying that he’s not alone, that people are out there thinking about him.”

Because Danny has one of the most chemo resistant cancers, he’s been forced to drop out of kindergarten, and gets lonely from time to time.

“Since it’s his birthday, we want to make him feel special,” Navaeh Guerra, 9, said.

“I wanted him to have a very very very special birthday,” RJ Newell, 6, said.

The daycare will be able to send over 70 cards to Danny.

And what does that heart with wings mean? Five-year-old Lily Craig says its an angel for danny.

“It’s god’s love,” Lily said.



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