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Men tackle health and physical performance at local Warrior Combine

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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. – Several dozen men showed up at the Blue Valley District Athletic Complex on Saturday, ready to be challenged at the Warrior Combine.

The Warrior Combine is a nice alternative for guys who might not want to visit a doctor, but want to know where they stand physically; a chance for men to come out learn the basics about their health and performance abilities.

The men were on a field with yellow team shirts on, but it wasn’t a football game.

“As you get older, there`s fewer and fewer opportunities to test yourself, evaluate your own health and wellness,” said Jason Neef, an organizer of the Warrior Combine.

weightsNeef says that`s exactly what the Warrior Combine is about; performance testing and health screenings.

“We do a forty-yard dash. We do a very light bench press. We do a pro-agility, which a five-ten-five shuttle run and then we do a vertical leap,” said Neef. “We test heart rate, blood pressure, body composition, mobility. It`s important that as guys, we continuing to be aware of that kind of stuff.”

Awareness Eric Peters has had since his first combine experience a few years back.

“Health has taken on a big, a big model in this country to where we weren`t healthy, and we`re getting there. We`re still not healthy, but we`re getting there,” said Peters. “People are making changes in their lifestyle whether it be diet or exercise and slowly but surely we`ll get there to where we don`t have to worry about obesity.”

Obesity or any other health concerns hopefully caught early through proactive monitoring.

“There`s literally no competition that I know of for a 43-year-old to go out and see how you`re doing, and that`s really the whole idea behind this combine,” said Peters.

This year is the fifth year organizers have hosted the event. Another part of the event is to raise money and awareness for a local prostate cancer foundation. They hope to double the number of guys who come out next year.


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