Neighbors’ argument sends people scattering when gunfire erupts

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- An argument escalated, forcing kids and adults to dive for cover in their own home. Police say it all happened on 83rd and Olive around 11 p.m. Sunday.

"It was duk, duk, duk, duk," neighbor Robert Bruce said as he described the sound of the gunfire.

Bruce's fiancé, Alexis Messick, counted the bullet holes that riddled her car.

"I've got one here, one here, one here, one there," she pointed out.

The bullet holes, shattered glass and torn material tell just part of the story of what neighbors say happened on a quiet, dead-end street.

"The kids come diving in the room, and after the shots were done, I walked outside and it smelled like gunpowder," Bruce said.

Messick said two of her neighbors started arguing Sunday night about a misplaced money order.

"He was sitting on that porch, so these two here would have hit him, and possibly one of his children because his children were playing in front of him. How do you get rid of that kind of trauma? I mean how do you sleep ever again," Messick asked.

One of the men left, only to return armed with what witnesses say was a semi-automatic rifle.

"I don't know why they'd have that out here on the streets. This is not Afghanistan. He was underneath a light pole standing catty corner to my yard, shooting across my yard and at the house next to us," Messick said.

Messick said the man fired off at least 15 shots. Most hit her car, where just 10 minutes earlier her kids were sitting, one reading a book.

"You can't get a child back, you can't get your husband back, you can't get your wife back, you can't get your kids back. So I just, I don't understand," she said.

A few of the bullets hit the home where Messick said the man was aiming. Police say the man was treated for minor injuries after being hit by flying glass. No one else was injured.

"When he heard the gunfire and the pelting on the car, he said he flew back in the chair and got down on the ground, you know, trying to gather up his kids," Messick said of the neighbor the man was aiming for.

Messick and Bruce's only car wasn't so lucky.

"The bottom of the alternator is shot out, it won't turn. They shot the drive belt off the car," Bruce described.

"Even though the car infuriates me it's just a car. I could scrap it and give him his money order back, you know? Jesus," Messick said.

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  • Wayne

    What is it today that makes people think they can kill someone else and that is going to resolve all their problems? We got in a fight, he made me mad so I am going to make him pay. Enjoy prison… idiot. Lucky it wasn’t my dead end street, probably wouldn’t have made it back down the street. I’m tired of these kinds of people.

    • sara

      Brilliant idea, Tom. Let the city broadcast the vulnerability of a “gun-free zone” to make neighborhoods even more susceptible to home invasions/aggravated burglaries; thus violating a homeowner’s right to defend themselves if the situation arises. Sure, one could call the police and wait for the proper reinforcements to “protect and serve” — but that is exactly what one would do; wait. Why not defend oneself, home and family? …subdue the aggressors and ask for the proper help later.
      I believe in efficient firearm education and training, as well as the legalities of owning firearms. The Right to Bear Arms should not be violated because of where one resides.

  • sydney

    you huess have no idea how scary and tramatizing that was for me and my brother. he was aiming at my best friends and i had to raise the money for the car and everything it was terrible. AND he never turned himself in and they found him, said that they couldnt arrest him even though they had a witness and everything
    i mean really

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