President Obama dines on a Kansas City favorite, minus the cole slaw

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- President Barack Obama had to make a tough decision on Tuesday night upon his arrival in Kansas City: Which famous barbeque restaurant to dine at? The Commander in Chief opted for Arthur Bryant's at 17th and Brooklyn, where he hosted four people who recently wrote him letters.

President Obama ordered a half-slab of ribs, bottle of water and Bud Light according to a pool report. He also asked for coleslaw, and was dismayed to hear that the restaurant didn't have any.

"You've got to have some coleslaw around here, don't you? You're out of it? Come on, man, I thought you were going to hook me up," Mr. Obama said with a grin according to the pool reporter.

According to the pool report the four people he dined with are: Victor Fugate, who works for the Missouri Department of Mental Health; Valerie McCaw, who is a single mom and small business owner of VSM Engineering; Mark Turner, who works for the Full Employment Council; Becky Forrest, who is a community activist as president of the Town Fork Creek Neighborhood Association.

He picked up the check for his guests and conversed with an out-of-town softball team of 16-year-old girls called the Titans from Glenview, Illinois. They are in town to play in a fast-pitch tournament in Independence.

President Obama also spoke with people outside of Arthur Bryant's before his motorcade took him downtown to the Crowne Plaza hotel, where several hundred people crowded the area of Barney Allis Plaza to try and catch a glimpse of him before the motorcade disappeared.

Click here for some of the tweets from the Presidential visit.



  • Jeannie

    So, maybe he should be a little more concerned about his role in world events as our Commander-in-Chief, rather than why Arthur Bryant’s didn’t have any coleslaw or getting to his ritzy hotel to make an appearance at his umpteenth democratic fundraising event (on our tax dollar). Such as our massive border crisis, terrorists taking control of Iraq and all of our weapons, Israel and Gaza, our gazillion dollar deficit…seriously?

    • Dan De Lion

      You’re so right. He should never be allowed to take a break to eat and greet citizens, and he should get zero hours of sleep. That’ll fix all the world’s problems. Get real.

  • Mark Satncil

    Bryant’s is a watered down vinegar puke fest. perfect for O’Buttwad. To bad he didn’t disappear forever along with his motorcade.. Did he forget the criminal in chief of K.C. Sly dog ? Cheap democrat, picked up the bill and handed it to the Real Americans that pay taxes. He should have went out for Mexican, in Mexico, and stayed there.

  • juan

    You guys should be try the SIZZLES BBQ is not that famous, but l bet has the best beef ribs or Dinosaur Ribs, 75 st and Nieman, shawnee mission Kansas City. Ask for Juanito

  • Joyce D Peeples

    Our President, Barack Obama picked a great resturant with great barbeque, everything, Sad that the founder Arthur Bryant is deceased, he would have Loved to meet him!!
    Great cut of meat!! Loving our President!! Iam praying for all the haters!! , cut ofigoodfries beans!!aThe othingIam SAD about is owner Mr Arthur Bryn

  • Eboney

    My sweet baby is so innocent and has no idea how it really works.

    We are watching fox 4 news, and they are talking about how President Obama is here.

    Aubree- ooooo, Momma can we go to the hotel to see President Obama?
    Me- Aubree it’s not that easy.
    Aubree-why not??
    Me- Aubree you see all those police officers and secret service. We cant just go walk up to him, its not that easy. Why do you want to see him anyway.
    Aubree- Because I want to give him a hug. Tell him thank you for all he does for us. Also give him a price choppers coupon.
    Me- A coupon, for what?
    Aubree- So he can buy his family some food. I wish we could have took him out to dinner, we could have paid for it, because he’s the president.
    Me-Well baby, we wont be able to meet him tonight.
    Aubree-I guess ill never get to meet a president.
    Me-Never say never, because you never know what God has planned for you, okay?

  • Dan De Lion

    Impeach him for asking for cole slaw!!! Only tyrannical, Marxist dictators like cole slaw!!! Dead giveaway!!!

  • Skinny fats

    Communist dictator who is using asymmetrical warfare to purposefully collapse America by way of Cloward-Piven plan. That’s the truth. He is the worse president ever and has destroyed our language, borders and culture. He is allowing millions of illegal aliens in our country. Both political parties are criminals. Boehner and Obama should both be impeached. Thankful I live in a state that is conservative. I believe people should work rather than live off the tax payers who actually work. 103 million people receive some sort of government handout and still the fake liberals worship him. Very sad that poor people are made more poor by his illegal aliens entering the country. Now he wants to give them amnesty. I wish I could have a talk with him but that will never happen. Liberals are not liberals if you disagree with them.

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