CCTV footage in theatre shows spooky chair rearrangement

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ROMFORD, England — Hours after a psychic medium hosted a show at the Brookside Theatre, closed circuit TV captured some spooky occurrences over the weekend. The Romford Recorder reports the theatre manager reviewed tapes that appeared to show a chair moving itself and multiple floating orbs.

“We’ve had so many strange things happen over the years, but this has to be the freakiest. When I looked back at the CCTV, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry!” Jai Sepple told Romford Recorder.

At about the 14 second mark in the clip, you can see a chair in the third row move towards the camera. Sepple said he straightened the chairs before he left, and was flabbergasted at the footage.

“But I just took a look as I noticed when I came in that one of the chairs was at an angle, and there it was!”

The psychic, Roy Roberts,┬ásaid it’s the best footage he’s ever seen of ghosts and wants to continue investigating.

“When I was doing the reading, I did feel a strong sense, but just didn’t know what it was. This is the best footage I’ve ever seen of ghosts in action,” he said.

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