Walmart cashier refuses to sell alcohol to mom because her 20-yr-old daughters were with her

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

DES MOINES, Iowa — A mother is upset with a Wal-Mart cashier after the cashier refused to sell her alcohol because the mother was with her 20-year-old twin daughters at the time of purchase.

Julie Lauridsen was shopping for her July 4th weekend and picked up five cans of an alcoholic beverage called Straw-ber-Rita.

She says the clerk checked her identification and then asked for the IDs of her daughters.

When Lauridsen told the cashier that they were still minors, she says the cashier told her, “Then you can’t buy these Straw-ber-Ritas.”

It was really awkward, and it kind of hurt me because she was kind of assuming I was going to be drinking them, and I thought it was unfair,” said Lauren Kane, one of the daughters.

When she tried to explain that the alcoholic drinks were for herself, not for her daughters, the cashier told her it was policy.

However, a Wal-Mart spokesperson says the cashier was not correct.

Brian Nick explained that there may be times when a cashier wouldn’t sell alcohol to someone who is in their early 20s, accompanied by minors, but Nick says the company, as a rule, does not routinely ID minors who are with adults.

“We specifically don’t have a policy to ID minors, because they are not the ones buying the alcohol,” he said.

However, since Lauridsen has told her story, social media has filled with similar stories at Wal-Mart and other stores.


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    • Chris

      There are laws and state classes that we cashiers follow to keep our jobs and not get fined and then on top of that fired! No I am sure the store has no policy of this. They never do and they will never claim responsibility as they want your money. We are their fodder. The government will tell you they do not specifically say that we NEED to card everyone but then if we do not and they believe we aided cross purchasing then we NEED to be FINED and then the company FIRES us most often. To protect against this carry ID for you and your kids that prove last name then we ARE safe in the sale and you don’t look like you are trying to get around the law. If you do not prove effectively that they are YOUR kids then that is YOUR bad. If you want to fight this then fight our government which never assumes responsibility for its bad training and choices. We the cashiers however listen carefully and follow the letter of the law and wonder often what could be going through your heads.

      • Darren

        FIRST, off YOU need to STOP yelling at people like THEY are in the wrong. I never had any form of ID until I was 16 when I received my license and my 12 year old son does not have ID beyond his school ID. It is also ignorant to expect my son to carry hia school ID around so his father can go shopping. Do YOU demand that I carry a birth certificate around incase I decide to buy a bottle of wine with my grocery purchase? There are reasonable laws with apparent benefits but this is rediculous at its best. There are too many reasonable instances where a legal adult buying a legal beverage for themselves can get persecuted and denied sales over baseless assumptuons. You are defending the mentality of guilty until you prove yourself innocent. And stop YELLING in your comments.

  • matt

    happened to me at the price chopper in Parkville, had a full load of items to buy but she wouldn’t sell me the whiskey cause my 17 year old was with me, she ask for her ID , told her no need for it she’s a minor and my child it’s not for her it’s for me. she refuse to sell it to me, so I left all the food items sit there and walk away, and I haven’t been back since. and that was 3 years ago

  • jeremy

    I was in line at price chopper with a complete stranger doing their shopping behind me in line. They asked for my ID and I gave it to them, then they asked for the guys behind me which was a minor, and I told them I don’t even know the guy. They refused to sell me the alcohol, assuming I was buying it for him! Complete BS! But it happens more than it should.

  • marie

    That just happened to me. Last sunday with 22 year ol cousin and her gf wich is 19 yers old. She didnt sell us the beer coz we have minor with us.
    I was like that was stupid we bought beers many times here with same person with me . Never had problem like that.. =

  • courtney

    Same thing happened to my mom. I was actually 21 though and she asked me to go to price chopper with her. Not thinking about i just left my purse there and went. We had a full basket of groceries and a case of beer but the cashier asked for both of our id’s and of course mines at home. My mom even said it’s my daughter and know for a fact she’s of age but they still refused us. We left all the groceries and walked out.

  • Jonias jarvais

    The cashier was just being cautious. I would have done the same thing. Get ur panties out of a knot and go to the liquor store like an adult, without your likewise adult daughters.

  • Misti

    Although I don’t work for a Wal-mart, I have worked for various convenience/grocery stores over the years. The basic standard regarding adults buying alcohol with minors present, was if the minor was ever in “possession” of the alcohol i.e. pushing the cart while the alcohol was in it or removing the alcohol from the cart to put on the conveyor belt, then we had to card everyone. Now if only the adult had been in “possession” of the alcohol, then it was alright to card just the adult. If we saw money change hands prior to the purchase, then we would have to card the people that exchanged money. As long as the minor was never in “possession” of the alcohol, then they shouldn’t need to be carded.

  • WD

    I would’ve done the same thing as the cashier did. Seeing the two daughters there. Who knows, the mother may have said the alcohol was for her, but later on give her daughters one each since they are really close to the legal age. Way to go whoever the cashier at Wal Mart was.

    • Renzo

      If someone was adamant to give beer to a 20 year old, would they really have the audacity to do it in the store? If they were up to no good, why not send the girls to the car before checking out or not take them at all?

  • Just Me

    This same thing happened to me and I never returned to that store again to purchase anything. I think that it is ridiculous. Would you rather leave my child in the car alone?

  • DJ Coombs

    In the state of missouri, a cashier doesn’t have to sell alcohol to anyone that has a minor with them. Had my 8 YO with me and they refused to sell me a bottle of wine in case I drank it and drove with him in the car.

  • Renzo

    When I was in Walmart a few years ago, I couldn’t buy wine because I had my wheelchair bound toddler nephew with me and my 6 year old daughter. I asked to speak to the manager and the cashier said she was the manager for the floor and nobody would override her because of corporate policy. And then she loudly told me to be ashamed of myself for bringing kids inside to tag along while I stock up on booze (one bottle of wine). So an older gentleman behind me put it in his cart and said he would buy it for me, so she wouldn’t let him buy alcohol there for the day either, and he was buying for a party and had a cart full. So we both left our carts there and went to a different store and had no trouble.

  • Adam

    Absolutely do NOT see a problem with this. Cashier’s being cautious due to not wanting to get in trouble, fine. If a company is going to do this though, they should create a sign and post it by the doors, alcohol and cash registers.

  • Roger

    Well, back in my days of cashiering in Virginia, it was the law, that if someone attempts to purchase alcohol and you suspect other individuals are with that person, you had the right to ask all parties for their ID’s and if one person in the party was underage, you should refuse the sale. I passed several ABC sting operations when I managed a convenience store. Passed so many that the Agents would not send someone in on a sting operation if I was on duty. It was my job, my life, my source of income at the time and whether or not a sting operation, I was not going to be responsible for what may have happened after they left my store if I had sold the alcohol to them. I don’t know what the law states in Iowa, but kudos to the cashier, she was right. And my opinion is that if you suspect all individuals are together when one comes in to purchase alcohol, then you should ID all of them.

  • J Culver

    I was in Wal-Mart alone shopping and one of my daughters age 17 and her 18 year old friend happened to be there. As i went to the direction of the cashier they ran up to me said hi and my daughter asked for five more dollars. I gave her the money, and they took off to the music area. They did not come with me, or leave with me. I had a bottle of wine and was going to the only register that tobacco can be purchased at. The cashier carded me, no problem but then refused to ring up the wine or my tobacco. I asked why? She then proceeded to tell me the had to see the ID of the two girls that had talked to me. I told her I didnt come in with them and had no idea if they were even still in the store. She still refused. I asked for a manager, this guy came over it was explained to him and he still refused to sell me the items.
    So I left. Didnt get anything even the cart full of groceries. Four days later on my way home from visiting a family member who was in hospital, I had to stop there since in this small town its the only place open 24 hrs a day. At 2:30am I went in got a soda and went to get my tobacco again. (mind you 4 cars in parking lot I pulled in alone, no one in my car or anywhere) and the manager guy himself was at the register. He asked for ID again, no problem, then again refused the sale. Why? Because he had seen a girl leave 20 min earlier that he thought looked like one of the girls that came up and talked to me 4 days earlier. And I said you are off your rocker. I just bought the soda and went to leave. As I got to my car, a police car pulled up blocked me in. Then another. They got out came up to me and said the manager called and told them I was trying to buy for minors. Luckily the 3rd officer knew me. I have never been in trouble I have been and Nurse and Paramedic for 22 years. We ended up going back into the store. The officer told him he knew me and I was not trying to buy for minors. I asked the officer what time the call came in, apparently the manager told the other cashier on my way to the register that if i asked for tobacco to go ahead and call. So the cops would be there by the time I left because he “just knew ” I was buying for minors. I have since found out I am not the only person this has happened to here. Now I get carded and someone else pointed this out to me, I get followed out to my car by an employee. The person who pointed it out just happened to be an old family friend who just recently went to work there. She said its what they told her is an “off the books” policy.

    • J Culver

      Im curious as to why my 17 year old daughter can work at a Hy-Vee as a cashier and ring up tobacco and liquor. And thats perfectly legal. My daughter said yes she has had friends try to talk her into selling her these items and she refused to do it, even called her manager because one wouldnt leave. So whats to stop another teenage cashier from doing it?

  • Ashley

    This has happened to me. Several times actually! Walmart independence I was buying liquor for myself and my now husband for our weekend. We were both over 21 at the time problem was,…. I had my ID, he didn’t. Shouldn’t have mattered I was the one buying. They made a HUGE SCENE and I left the store empty-handed. Ridiculous, I NEVER shop at walmart or any of their affiliate stores!

  • misty

    Sounds to me like cashiers need to do their jobs and quit being nosy and I have been a cashier and have never been told by officers or the place I worked that I need to check everyone’s Id’s not every customer is buying alcohol for minors

  • CT

    I think Walmart and all retailers selling the drug alcohol should have the policy that the cashier thought was the policy. Buying alcohol and consuming in front of minors is just a bad example. A lot of bad behaviors are illegal around and with minors. This should be one of them.

  • Joseph

    I assume she had a religious objection. Lots of religions don’t believe in the use of alcohol, and if they can refuse to sell birth control or condoms on that ground, why not alcohol which they also don’t believe in?

  • jpebcac

    I assume she had a religious objection. Lots of religious faiths don’t believe in Alcohol. If you can refuse to sell condoms or birth control under religious exemptions, why not alcohol which many faiths also prevent?

  • Monica R

    This just happened to me today! I’m 26 years old ( at the time dressed in my business casual attire from work) and a Temporary Guardian for a 15 year old female. I was grocery shopping at Walmart and happen to purchase alcohol (a six pack of beer for cooking). Then the cashier goes to ask for a picture ID, once that accomplished she turns to the minor accompanying me and asks for her ID, REALLY??? Why does she need and ID I asked?, well she is with you and you are purchasing alcohol she replied. The cashier went to ask who she was and what was the relationship between us and called a supervisor to review the situation; supervisor arrives, then she stated ” Did she touch the bags or the beer itself? the cashier replied no; she then went to say that this time she will make an exception and in the future to make sure to bring an ID for her; also don’t let her touch the alcohol because they can get in trouble. It is really insulting that the will stereotype me and label me as and irresponsible person just because of my age, I felt embarrassed and humiliated, everyone turned and looked at me like I was doing something wrong, even the cashier and the “supervisor” made the situation very uncomfortable; like they are really doing me a favor by selling me BEER because a 15 year old was present at the time of purchase. That is complete nonsense since their liquor policy states that only the person purchasing the alcohol that looks under the age of 40 needs to have a Government issued picture ID. SHAME ON YOU WALMART!

  • Jason

    Actually the cashier was right. In some circumstances we could sell the alcohol to the mom if her daughters were a lot younger. but because they were not the store has to ID them on the slight chance that the mom would let them drink because if that happens and say the girls go out driving whilst drunk or get alcohol poising the cashier and the store would get in a lot of trouble for selling them alcohol. I know all this because I’m the store manager at Walmart 5186 in Gilbert Arizona.

  • Swiss

    I am noticing a trend here. Everyone is assuming the cashier will get in trouble. The cashier just has to say that someone over 18/21 bought the item. As long as they were carded and the camera catches it they are in the clear. It would come back on the person that gave the minor alcohol/tobacco.

    What if someone went into a liqour store and bought beer. They could then go home and set the beer on a counter and anyone and their dog in the house could have access to it. Is the clerk supposed to start asking if everyone has minors in their house and refuse sale if they do on the bases they could give said minor booze?

    I worked at wal-mart for two years and was working my way up to front end CSM and I was never told anything about carding minors. If I had a situation I felt they may give a minor alcohol then I could just call a manager over and let them deny the sale.

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