Woman says dinner with President Obama gave her a fresh perspective

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- President Obama's whirlwind trip to Kansas City was packed with a speech about the economy and several side trips. One of those excursions included the president having dinner with four people who had written to him.

"I don't think it's hit me, I've had everybody I've known since 3rd grad calling me," explained Valerie McCaw.

McCaw has become an instant celebrity of sorts, and it all started with an email she received a couple of weeks ago.

"I got the student loan email, bing, here, you now owe $100,000 and, you know, I kinda lost it," she said.

But her dinner with the president was due to what she did next, at two in the morning.

"It weighed on me and I kind of spouted off in an email about how I'm trying to follow all the rules," she said.

McCaw was contacted by the White House and had several conversations with staffers. She anticipated getting a form letter in the mail, instead she got an invitation to dinner.

Four Kansas Citians chatted with the president at Arthur Bryant's, but McCaw said it was much more than small talk.

"He was very engaged with us, very personable and he had done his research thoroughly."

She didn't get an instant solution from the president, but was happy to be pointed in a good direction. The whole experience gave her a fresh perspective. She was impressed with President Obama's willingness to listen.

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